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March 29, 2008

Turn on the Light … Therapy

At-home LED machines turn back the clock

Without light we’d all be hollowed out—not to mention pasty—versions of ourselves. Plants wouldn’t grow and the earth would be blanketed in depressing darkness. But unlike those nasty tanning beds, a new kind of light is good for our skin, as much as our psyches. LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been available in dermatologist and cosmetic surgery offices for some time but treatments aren’t cheap and the progress is slow.


Photo: DermStore.com

While you’ll still have to be patient with results, a one-time investment of a few hundred dollars for the recently FDA-approved New-U home unit from Photo Therapeutics, Inc. or the an Evis Marvel-Mini, and getting to erase wrinkles while you watch American Idol seems worth it. The at-home versions don’t have the same amount of diodes per square inch as medical-grade LED machines, so you will have to do the treatments for longer; however the trade-off is worth hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. 

The Omnilux New-U device is designed to treat periorbital wrinkles and general signs of aging. The manufacturer hired Neil Sadick from the Weill Medical College at Cornell University's Department of Dermatology to conduct a clinical trial, which demonstrated a significant reduction in periorbital wrinkles and improvements in skin tone, clarity, smoothness and elasticity in participants.

When buying an at-home LED machine, experts advise to look for FDA approval, which means the device does what the manufacturer claims it does. Evis Marvel-Mini from Ageless Beauty Corporation offers three hand-hand LED devices that treat different conditions—the green to reduce hyperpigmentation, red to banish wrinkles, blue to zap blemishes into outer space.

:: A.Covington for Beautiful Me


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