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Lindsay and Kate - friends forever

This photo caught my eye for several reasons. 1. How cool would it be to open a store in Paris - ala Tommy. 2. There were a bunch of celebrities at this event, but Lindsay and Kate were the two biggest. 3. All the other photos at the event are near perfect - perfect smiles, perfect angles, etc. 4. They look so "thrilled' in this shot.

Just a theory - Linsday Lohan and Kate Bosworth were both happy when they were being shot with Tommy and others because of the beneficial career dynamic, but together - no way - wouldn't want someone else to take the spotlight. Obviously, I'm joking here, but gee I'm so looking forward to the publicity game. :)

As alluded, the photo was taken at the grand opening of the Tommy Hilfiger store in Paris. Check out the article from Fashion Wire: Tommy and Lenny Rock Paris. Lenny - as in Lenny Kravitz - who was the headline performer for the event. Also in attendance were: Brett Ratner, American movie director & Thierry Henry, French football player. <


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Cool post - can't wait to see a Belisi Paris!

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