How to Cook a Homecooked Meal for Your Sweetie

Turn a Dinner for Two into a Breakfast in Bed
By Amy Covington for Belisi Fashions

Whether you waited until the last minute and can’t get a reservation at a decent restaurant or you want to surprise your Valentine with a little (or a lot) of romance, a home-cooked meal will earn you bonus points in the double digits.

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Gifts for Valentine's Day

020108vday01 What to get your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re buying for your longtime sweetheart or a naughty little vixen, finding a gift that circumvents the typical clichés, doesn’t offend or send too strong of a message takes some thought. Valentine’s Day means different things to everyone. Some view it as a goofy Hallmark holiday that calls for less serious gifts.

Others view it as the ultimate romantic holiday when you can go all out to show your love for each other. You know your partner best. If you think she will get a kick out of edible underwear go for it. But if you’ve only been dating for two weeks, it’s best to leave the gag gifts and crotchless panties for another guy to explain.

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The Power of Color in Fashion and how to make it work for you

_e5h9054 You can’t help it. When a woman in a red dress walks into a room, or a man in a striking black suit wearing a vibrant red tie, you turn and look. Or how about how relaxed you feel in a green room? Color is all around us and has more influence over our moods that you might think. When it comes to fashion, color is a powerful way to send non-verbal messages about your confidence and ability.

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Belisi: How to play Matchmaker

Research done by shows that half of all marriages are the result of someone introducing the couple. Maybe you have a buddy or a girlfriend who is perpetually single—they just can’t find the “one”. You feel guilty excluding them from couples-only affairs and just as guilty when you do invite them and they clearly feel like they’re the odd one out. Or, maybe you have a friend who gladly crashes your date nights with your significant other and you have an inkling they’d be a lot happier with an SO of his own.

Great introductions are generally a result of a matchmaker’s (i.e., that’s you) instincts about a potential love match. Want to watch sparks fly? Do your single pals a favor and throw a party in their honor. Instead of setting up uncomfortable “blind” dates, bring together possible love matches for a no-strings cocktail party. Follow these tips from Chief Matchmaker for Trish McDermott for a better success rate.

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How to Date Out of Your League (or Just Look Fabulous for Any Occasion) by Belisi

Style Cues from April Masini, author of “Date Out Of Your League”

Before we look at some fundamentals of every well dressed man's wardrobe, let's talk about why clothes are so gosh darn important to us women. Let's get into women's philosophy of clothes.

Just kidding! You don't have to worry in the least about why we like clothes. Nope. All you have to know is that we do.

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