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Founder & Creative Director at Belisi Fashions. Each day, I'm learning the unforced rhythms of grace.


Hi, Friends.

I want to tell you my story. I hope that by knowing a little about me, you’ll feel a connection to the Belisi community - the reason our company exists.

Bartending in Palm Beach, I served the trendsetters who embody the sophisticated lifestyle I craved. Struggling to support my wife and newborn baby with no savings, I wanted to start a business; to do something I enjoy and provide a better life for my family. Nothing came to mind immediately, but I knew that if I wanted success, I needed to look the part. Emulating my high-end clientèle, I invested any extra money in a tie collection. Before long, co-workers and customers praised my eye for stand-out fashion fit for Palm Beach. Their positive feedback finally gave me the idea I was looking for all along: I would sell a line of luxury fashion accessories, inspired by the Palm Beach Lifestyle.

I believe accessories are the start, not the finish of the design-inspired look -- with the right accessories, even average garments are transformed into winning style. I want to offer the same quality fashion accessories seen on the Palm Beach elite but at a more approachable price. I am excited about our entrance into luxury handbags, in addition to our tie and scarf collections.

Something else I learned in my bartending days is that wealthy Palm Beachers don’t like to compromise, they want it all -- the best design and the best quality, all while making a difference in the world. Giving is a part of the Palm Beach lifestyle just as much as style. It’s with giving in mind that we’ve created the philosophy “Luxury with Meaning” uniting our customers into a community joined by the love of fabulous fashion and giving back to others.

Every time you purchase a Belisi product, you’re making a difference for someone in need. How? We give a portion of every purchase, no matter how large or small, to the cause of your choice. Just look for our Luxury with Meaning program at We recognize you have many options in designer fashion, thank you for thinking of us.


Peter Belisi

Belisi Fashions, Jupiter, FL



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