December 10, 2007

Products that benefit a cause

Our featured product pick that benefits a cause is the Viva Glam antique inspired lipstick compact by MAC Cosmetics. Every penny of proceeds goes to MAC Aids Fund. Do something good and look fabulous at the same time. Also makes a great stocking stuffer.


November 15, 2007

To the Letter: say it with stationary

Take a break from email and send an old-fashioned note

Everybody sends emails. You can try to create a cute little sign-off and catchy subject line, but when it boils down to it, all emails look the same. We’re inunadated with them. Another thing we’re inundated with are bills. If you haven’t already gone to e-bills (another reason why emails have lost their novelty). So why not suprise your long-distance friends and family with a real friendly note (versus a freindly reminder about an impending bill due date)? Send one to an in-town friend and brighten her day. Keep fancy stationary on hand for thank-you notes when you need them.

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November 07, 2007

Thanksgiving Beauty: products good enough to eat

Skincare Worthy of a Feast

This holiday season, a moment on the lips doesn't have to mean a lifetime on the hips. With a cornacopia of delicious smelling products, it’s okay to pass the pumpkin pie and pile on the souffle. We even dare you to throw back a few margaritas. Guilt free!

If you’re in a giving mood, all of these skincare and beauty products make great stocking stuffers and gifts.

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