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Luck of the Irish: Green for Spring

Even if you aren’t Irish, at least you can act like it (by wearing green silly). Fortunately, green is one of those colors that looks great on everyone regardless of hair color or skin tone but it isn’t worn enough. This just isn’t right. You always notice someone wearing green.

Think about the last time you wore green. You probably felt different. Maybe a little more energetic? Green, the color of money, nature and of course envy demands to be noticed. Color psychologists—yes, there are such people—suggest that job seekers wear this powerful color to job interviews. And so what better color to wear for a night out with the girls? Meeting boys is sort of like a job interview (well, for them anyway). Here are some great choices for wearing green, whether you want to swaddle yourself in it or wear it as a Spring appurtenance.

The Green Evening Dress When you wear a green dresRoucheddresss to a party, restaurant or local bar all eyes will be on you. The Rouched Green Dress ($245)  and Marilyn Dress ($140) from Sugar in Los Angeles are good enough for the stars, so you know you’ll shine wherever the evening takes you. Go for the super short look with this pleated cami dress by Ghita ($285). The pleated V-check bodice gives this sassy piece a little swing.

The Green Day Dress Green gets you noticed during the day too, plus it’s very appropriate for Sring. This playful Adelaide Dress Adelaine by Diane von Furstenberg ($325) is perfect for a poolside party, afternoon lunch or shopping spree. The 60s and 70s are back in full force, and green was a favorite color in both eras. The Sleeveless Turtleneck Mini Dress by Lauren Moffatt ($326) is 60s inspired with enough of a modern flair for a happy medium.

Green Separates Add a burst of color to a white or khaki skirt, or work pants. Pair this Rosette Silk Crepe Top ($198) with denim for a daytime or evening look. Coordinate witSkirth a white pencil skirt under a cropped jacket for an outfit that’s appropriate for work and transitions into evening. The Spritzer v-neck from Anthropologie ($78) pairs with anything white, khaki or denim. For all those bohemians out there, the trend is still alive and well. Get your green fix with this adorable Cigarro skirt ($138)  from Anthropologie.

Green Accessories Just a touch of green is all you need. A headhand, handbag, necklace or shoe is all it takes to put that extra (green) spring in your step. Here’s a roundup of our favorites:

Susan Daniels: Green and Yellow Silk Headband ($38)Headband

Goldenbleu Luella Snap FroGreenheels_2nt Patent Leather Tote

Green Rhea Heel  at Kitson L.A. ($195)

Swallowtail slingbacks  at Anthropologie ($198)

Arboretum flats at Anthropologie ($138)

CGreenhathitchat choker at Anthropologie ($58)

Brella Hat by Trina Turk ($99)

Just remember that as with any trend, don't overdo it. A green dress paired with green shoes, green earrings and a greenbag will make you look like a Leprechaun threw up on you. Instead choose one way to express your splash of green. White, gold, silSlimshortver, and brown shoes look great with a summery green dress, and the same goes with a green top. Throw on a pair of lightweight white capris, free flowing skirt or khaki slim shorts (like the Fairfax Pant by Trina Turk) and you'll make the Glamour Do callouts (instead of the dreaded black bar).


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