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Plastic Fantastic

If you haven't heard, letting it all show is the in thing right now (and I'm not talking about all those super short skirts and daisy dukes). Clear bags, bangle bracelets, shoes and shades are accessories you can't live without for spring and summer. While plastic may have seemed cheap before, it's now the chicest accessory in Hollywood. Lucite (crystal) jewelry and shoes are especially hot.Lucite 


Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker (will she every wear anything non-trendy?), Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and other leading ladies are wearing their transparency proudly.

Maybe it's not as much voyeuristic as it is the desire for others to think we're open and approachable (no secrets or scandals here). Lucite and acrylic jewelry/heels are not new-they were hot in the 60s, so the rerun fits in nicely with other mod trends for spring.

Instead of talking about this trend, I thought it would be better to offer a pictorial guide:

Lucite jewelry

Lucite bangles by Perfido Design Bangles

Lucite bracelet by Kara Rossney

Lots O' Luck green crystal necklace at Krimson and Klover Greenlucite_2
Lucite Bangles with Austrian Crystals as featured in InStyle Weddings and W MagazineJuicy_2

Lucite 3 choker necklace by Tarina Tarantino
Watercolor Bangle by Solange

Lucite shoes and totes

Lucite sandals in metallic pink (two of this season's hottest trends)
Juicy Couture Colony Beach tote


As cute and playful as this trend is, I doubt it will stay strong for long. While Lucite can transition from spring and summer into fall and winter, it scratches easily and it's just one of those looks you get tired of quickly.Clearshades Lucitechoker Colorbangle Glassbracelet  


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