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Jellies are back

My moth Jelliesblueer always told me that if you were around when the style debuted, chances are you shouldn't wear it when it comes back around. Not to date myself but I remember begging my mom for a pair of iridescent jelly shoes back in the day. And she said, "No." So this would probably exempt me from her second-time-around rule. But still.

The reason she wouldn't let me wear them was because she thought they were bad for my feet, as in they would give me blisters and not provide the proper support. In all fairness my 4-inch stilettos don't offer much in arch comfort. Looking at this season's line-up of brightly colored 80s throwbacks, I think it's a trend best left to the girls who look good in leggings. And $100 for a pair of flimsy rubber? I think they cost $2 when I was a kid. That's a pretty big adjustment for inflation (but then again I never thought I'd paid over $200 for a pair of jeans). I just can't get into this style but that's what fashion is all about--individual expression. As for me, I'm fine with my ankle breaker platforms and wedges.

Belisi Fashions, Jupiter, FL



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  1. iportion on Jun 12, 2007 3:46:10 AM:

    $100 dollars for jellies? Save your money. I had a pare and they make your feet sweat and stink.
    Go for crocs or water sandals instead they run from $10 to $30. They don't last long but they are comfortable.

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