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Halloween Costumes: Sinner or Saint?

7226 Halloween is right around the corner. Why should it matter to you? Because Halloween is not just a day for kids--adults can get in on the fun too!

It’s your change to chance to show another side of your Diva - and get your partner to join in! First you have to decide what costume to wear.

If you have a party to attend, check to see if there’s a theme, which might dictate the nature of your costume. If you’re locked into a costume party at your kid’s school, that naughty nurse costume might best be left in the closet (for at-home fun). If you’re in a relationship, consider a costume that will compliment your partner’s. 74277437

To enjoy that you’re the Belle of the Monster Mash, here are some tips for Halloween Costumes from Shirley of Hollywood:

Top Five Tips on Halloween Costumes

1. Accessories!  Like any outfit, it's all about accessories for Halloween. For instance, if you dress up like Little Miss Muffet, don’t just stop at wearing a frilly dress. Shirley of Hollywood’s Little Miss Muffet costume comes with a lace up dress, hanging spider, cotton hat cap, a ribbon tie choker and spoon, while our Roman Emperor costume comes with tunic, cape, breast plate, golden leaf crown, imitation leather ciraso and sword.

And you can add you own to finish your look with like long satin gloves, boas, bling, boots & vintage shoes, and fishnet or sheer hosiery.

2. Connection to Pop Culture.  Costumes that connect to current pop culture and trends are always a hit, like an Heiress Inmate costume. This year, keep your eyes open for pirates, rock stars, Roman, Casino Royale looks, French Revolution, and Desperate Housewives-inspired characters, and of course, the ever-popular cowboy and cowgirl ensembles.

3.  Colorful Wigs - Wigs are a great addition to any Halloween costume. They really help ignite the fantasy of taking on an alter ego for the night. Shirley of Hollywood offers a range of wigs in all colors and lengths. Plus, a wig can be worn any time of year if you decide to get a little funky.
4.  Try Couples Costumes - Shirley of Hollywood has great his
and her costumes. Some couples’ costume ideas:  -- French Majesty and Miss Antoinette, Musketeers, Pirates, Queen of the Nile and Roman Emperor, Pimp and “pimpette”, Cop and Inmate, and Man of the Mansion and hot bunny.

5. Emphasize Comfort. Approachable textures, breathable fabrics, and body-clinging yet functioning materials will let you live it up past midnight.


::A. Covington for Belisi Fashions


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  1. wolverine costume on Oct 18, 2010 9:50:19 PM:

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