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Tie Dye ... can you dig it?

There are some things you just don't think will ever come back into style--like overalls and neon colored clothes. But then some fresh-faced designer decides to reinvent, and hopefully improve, a style from days gone by. Is tie dye one of these styles that will make its way back into the mainstream? Can a trend so obnoxious to begin with ever earn critical acclaim?

It appears that today's tie dye renditions are much more subtle than the hot pink versions of yore, and are thankfully devoid of smiley faces and peace signs superimposed in puff paint.

Bopaa2007411607_prod_mediumLrx0045let_200 Check out this Bop Basics tie-dye short sleeve burnout crew tee from ShopBop.com. I wonder if the word "burnout" in the product name has any signficance? Hmmm...

But I have to admit that if the tie dye from my teen years was anything like this Trek Ombre Tank by YaYa, it may not have gone out of style in the first place.

::A.Covington for Belisi Fashions


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