What the stars wear

News flash: some celebrities do their own shopping! The horror, I know.

Britneyrebecca_taylor_long_dress See what Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brittany Spears picked up at Lisa Kline ... okay, so Brittany hasn't exhibited the best judgment lately but she does have a #1 album, so we'll give her some credit.

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Fashion problems fixes

Oops! Telltale white marks on a black dress, out of control static, gaping blouses and embarrassing “tic tacs” in a cold room. They happen at all the wrong times. Well, I guess there never is a good time to suffer a fashion meltdown.

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Look like an Oscar starlet

There’s no shame in zoning out on a Sunday afternoon watching the pre-Oscar special on E! Unfortunately, all those martinis the night before caused you to doze in and out of a splendid nap. In between dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio you caught snippets of seemingly useful fashion and beauty advice (imagine that, information you can actually use from a celebrity gossip station).

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