Luck of the Irish: Green for Spring

Even if you aren’t Irish, at least you can act like it (by wearing green silly). Fortunately, green is one of those colors that looks great on everyone regardless of hair color or skin tone but it isn’t worn enough. This just isn’t right. You always notice someone wearing green.

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A new season at The Gap

Okay, so it's no secret that The Gap has struggled to reinvent itself. While I can't speak to what's in the works for its next advertising campaign (please no rappers, aging rockers, or bubblegum popsters parading around in hoodies and Gap jeans); things are changing at a Gap near you.

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Multi-seasonal fashion—is it possible?

Remember the days when trends lasted one season? To be caught wearing last season’s “it” item was the Kiss of Death. Now we cross our fingers and hope that skinny jeans and metallics come back for encore performances. Well, we got our wish. And for those of us who love wearing dresses—even in the dead of winter—we can hold on to most of those too. Finally, the style mavens are cutting us some slack!

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