Gifts for men: what to get the guys on your list

Best Gifts for Men

When it comes to buying gifts for men, the rules are pretty simple. Unlike women, most guys like getting gifts that make their lives easier. If it means one less trip to the mall, all the better. If it entertains them, it’s a winner. While women like gifts that make them feel pampered, men like gifts that give them more time to do the things they like doing (i.e., having fun). So if you buy them a new work wardrobe, that means they can spend more time, you guessed it, having fun. Whether it’s enjoying their wine collection or playing video games.

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BCBG Satin Clutch: Belisi Spotlight

Metallic clutches are just as hot this season as the last. This satin and mesh BCBG clutch is so of the moment it’s perfect for special events or after work cocktails.


Online Dating: increase your odds, and weed out the duds

Dating Advice from's top matchmaker.

Logo20 You’re a cute girl, so you have no problems getting dates, right? But lets face it. How often does the man of your dreams approach you at the grocery store and ask you out? Instead it’s the 40 and never married guy with the comb-over from accounting who won’t take no for an answer, or the lame-o in line at the bank that offers up cheesy lines like, “so you bank here huh?”. In today’s busy world with infinite ways to communicate with each other, why is it so hard to connect?

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Discounted Designer Clothes in NYC: Does it get any better?

What do Rebecca Taylor, Chloe, Balenciaga, and Marc by Marc Jacobs have in common? Other than being among my favorite designers, they're also appearing at Lucky Magazine's "Lucky Shops" on October 26-27 in New York City for two days of fabulous SATC style shopping (cocktail in hand of course!). Shop elite designer collections marked up to 70% off!  Don't you just hate it when you find the perfect pair of jeans and have to wait for them to get hemmed? Well this event is all about instant gratification. Find a sweet pair of denim and get them hemmed on the spot!

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The B List

1. Shecky’s

Presspass001 What it is: Shecky’s is a multi-platform media company that keeps us gals city-savvy and in-the-know with daily brewed online content on neighborhood-centric nightlife, fashion, beauty, and entertainment venues. They’re also the ingenious folks who thought up the Shecky’s Girls Night Out concept.

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Multi-seasonal fashion—is it possible?

Remember the days when trends lasted one season? To be caught wearing last season’s “it” item was the Kiss of Death. Now we cross our fingers and hope that skinny jeans and metallics come back for encore performances. Well, we got our wish. And for those of us who love wearing dresses—even in the dead of winter—we can hold on to most of those too. Finally, the style mavens are cutting us some slack!

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Entertaining Like a Pro

Part Three: The Bubbly

Whether you're throwing New Year’s Eve party or a party just because you can, a Champagne toast is always a welcome event. Don’t let the search for that perfect bubbly to fit both the occasion and your pocketbook spoil the celebration.

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Entertaining Like a Pro

Part Two: The Food

The key to a successful party is to have plenty of food and [adult] beverages. So how do you keep the food hot and on a continuous rotation out of the kitchen? Jennifer Purcell, an assistant professor at The Culinary Institute of America and maître d’ instructor at St. Andrew’s Café, one of five public restaurants on the CIA’s main campus in Hyde Park, New York, suggests tapas, or bite-sized appetizers, which offer bite-sized foods with minimal time in the kitchen.

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Entertaining Like a Pro

Part One: The Scene

So you’ve decided to host a cocktail party. Invitations--or eVites--are out but now is the time to start preparing. The idea is to provide a festive, yet pressure-free, environment for your guests. If you’re running around at the last minute, you’re guests will feel the frazzle too.

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