Feminine Tops and Blouses

My favorite sexy tops and blouses ... for now

A splash of color, a stunning print or a little lace. The mercury may be dropping but that doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine and sexy. Unfortunately when you hit the mall all you see are bulky sweaters. Well, ladies, get those fingers clicking, I’ve rounded up some of the prettiest tops you can find on the Internet. And yes, I’m aware that it’s the holidays and we “shouldn’t” buy things for ourselves but what better way to ensure you get what you really want--and in the right size? I say, go for it!

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Feminine laptop bags: women's laptop bags that are functional and stylish

Img_rotate1 Functionally chic women’s laptop bags are hard to come by. One of my biggest complaints, and I’ve heard this from my friends too, is finding a women’s laptop bag that’s both feminine and functional. Most business women don’t want to carry around a pink briefcase with flowers on it, or lug around a bag meant for a 6ft tall man. And why does it seem that most women’s laptop cases don’t have shoulder support? Men have so many cool options; they can go, techy or sophisticated, casual or urban. All they have to do is walk into a store and find a plethora of laptop bags to choose from.

I have gone on a search and found some pretty good options. My favorite is the bag by Hayden Harnett. It’s not stiff like a lot of the laptop bags for women that I’ve seen, and it has a long adjustable shoulder strap.

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Madison Los Angeles: Belisi Be List

Madison Los Angeles

What it is: Madison in Los Angeles offers designer clothing including shoes, handbags, & jeans, and is the coveted secret of celebrity stylists who rely on Madison’s generous inventory of the most renowned designers--and rising stars in the fashion world.

They have a bricks-and-mortar store on Melrose Avenue, Robertson Blvd, in Brentwood on San Vicente, and in Malibu. But they also have a fashion website, www.MadisonLosAngeles.com, for those of us who don’t have a Southern California zip code.

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Choosing the right colors for your wardrobe

Remember that canary yellow baby doll dress? Yes, the one that looked great in the window at the little boutique on the corner. The one that still looked great neatly folded in the shopping bag and then displayed on your bed next to your new Christian Louboutin stilettos. Yes, that one that made you look like you made a dress out of the fluorescent lighting at the DMV.

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Are you ready for Swimsuit Season?

You know you've been thinking about it for the past six months. You knew swimsuit season was right around the corner. So why does it feel like it just crept up and caught you off-guard? It's okay. We're right there with you. Swimsuit styles are varied and flattering this season, with tons of 60s inspired bikinis and one pieces (Yes! One pieces are sexy and cool again!).

Here's a quick-hit list of some of my favorite suits with all the essential beach/pool gear for a red hot summer.

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Luck of the Irish: Green for Spring

Even if you aren’t Irish, at least you can act like it (by wearing green silly). Fortunately, green is one of those colors that looks great on everyone regardless of hair color or skin tone but it isn’t worn enough. This just isn’t right. You always notice someone wearing green.

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Look like an Oscar starlet

There’s no shame in zoning out on a Sunday afternoon watching the pre-Oscar special on E! Unfortunately, all those martinis the night before caused you to doze in and out of a splendid nap. In between dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio you caught snippets of seemingly useful fashion and beauty advice (imagine that, information you can actually use from a celebrity gossip station).

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