Stocking Stuffers for women

Looking for last minute stocking stuffers?

Now that you have the big gifts out of the way, what will you put in her stocking? When it comes to stocking stuffers, think small--not to be confused with inconsequential. The best things come in small packages remember? There are a variety of fun and pint-sized gifts that will fit in her stocking, or you could surprise her by planting a “big” gift, like a pair of diamond earrings, as a stocking stuffer.

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Belisi Fashion Spotlight: Hip Chick necklace and earrings

If you’re anything like me, you like having options. Weather, moods, occasion, and color schemes dictate what accessories we wear. Austin-based jewelry designer Kevin Heady had our fickle nature in mind—as well as our appreciation for pretty, sparkly things—when he created the Single Hip Chick necklace and matching earrings. Available in carnelian, onyx, antique carnelian, amazonite, and green jasper, these must-have pieces are adjustable on a 15-18" heavy fluted sterling link.


Antcarnelian_earringsth Single Hip Chick necklace in Antique Carnelian - $130

Hip Chick Earrings - $50

::A. Covington for Belisi Fashions

Belisi Fashion Flash: Jewelry designer Bess Heitner hosts guest designers

Akrlodelitegarnetflip Jewelry designer Bess Heitner, whose handcrafted jewelry designs feature gems set in precious metals and clasps made from unusual objects, is sharing the love.

In addition to her own jewelry collection, Bess has made room for fellow jewelry designer Amy Kahn Russell to showcase her naturalistic designs, which also grace the cases at the Smithsonian and other museum gift shops.Mocha_blossom

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Belisi Jewelry Essentials: What every girl needs in her jewelry box

Whether you express yourself through outrageous jewelry or opt for the understated, every woman needs a jewelry “wardrobe” filled with jewelry essentials.

J.R. Dunn Jewelers put together this list of must-have jewelry staples:

Diamond 1. Diamond stud earrings

Our Recommendation: John Hardy Batu Sari Collection - White Topaz with Diamond Pave Round Stud Earrings ($1,495)

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Luck of the Irish: Green for Spring

Even if you aren’t Irish, at least you can act like it (by wearing green silly). Fortunately, green is one of those colors that looks great on everyone regardless of hair color or skin tone but it isn’t worn enough. This just isn’t right. You always notice someone wearing green.

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Just Jewelry

Update your wardrobe with jewelry

“A great way to update your wardrobe without depleting your budget is with accessories,” said Sara Rogers, trend specialist for Mall of America. “For women this includes belts, handbags, hoop earrings, leggings, big sunglasses, and chunky jewelry in gold pewter or copper.”

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