Shopping in Rome

When in Rome, prepare to spend!

If you’re an American heading to Rome for vacation and you plan to shop, prepare  to spend. You won’t find many deals in this ancient city. The major fashion houses aren’t based here (like they are in Milan and Paris), and Rome is more of a draw for tourists, so you can expect the prices to match those found in high-end stores in the States. And with the weak dollar, you’ll end up spending nearly double that amount. When I visited Rome in March, the exchange rate was $1.58 to the almighty euro. Ouch.

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Cashmere Mafia trend alert

Cashmere_mafia_juliet_draper_5_2Unique ways to wear scarves

Caitlin Dowd (actress Bonnie Sommerville) of the hit show Cashmere Mafia proudly sported a growing trend of wearing silk scarves around the wrist. In the episode "Conference Call", Ms. Sommerville sported a silk scarf around her wrist. 1057058680_b05ae091cb_mAll of these ladies are trend setters. This fashion forward cast is all about playing up their female assets with sexy skirts and bold accessories like scarfs, gloves, bracelets, necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and statement-making Gucci handbags. What I love about this show is that each character's storyline is interesting, without any character outshining the other (at least not yet anyway). Comparing the wardrobe from the upcoming Sex & the City movie to that of the Cashmere Mafia make the SATC ladies look like they're shopping last season's sample sales. Oh and Women's Murder Club? Forget about it. 

::A.Covington for Belisi Fashions

Gifts for men: what to get the guys on your list

Best Gifts for Men

When it comes to buying gifts for men, the rules are pretty simple. Unlike women, most guys like getting gifts that make their lives easier. If it means one less trip to the mall, all the better. If it entertains them, it’s a winner. While women like gifts that make them feel pampered, men like gifts that give them more time to do the things they like doing (i.e., having fun). So if you buy them a new work wardrobe, that means they can spend more time, you guessed it, having fun. Whether it’s enjoying their wine collection or playing video games.

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Halloween Costumes: Sinner or Saint?

7226 Halloween is right around the corner. Why should it matter to you? Because Halloween is not just a day for kids--adults can get in on the fun too!

It’s your change to chance to show another side of your Diva - and get your partner to join in! First you have to decide what costume to wear.

If you have a party to attend, check to see if there’s a theme, which might dictate the nature of your costume. If you’re locked into a costume party at your kid’s school, that naughty nurse costume might best be left in the closet (for at-home fun). If you’re in a relationship, consider a costume that will compliment your partner’s. 74277437

To enjoy that you’re the Belle of the Monster Mash, here are some tips for Halloween Costumes from Shirley of Hollywood:

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Belisi Fashion Flash: The Long Glove trend

Get ready to glam it up this winter with super femme long leather gloves.

24246738_d1 Long Ruched Leather Gloves $79.99

24220329_d1 Leather Driving Gloves with Knit Top $100

24266645_d1 Lord & Taylor Long Black Patent Glove $99.99

Shop these looks at

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