Golden Globe Winners and the Best Dressed Celebrities

So the Golden Globes was an hour long "press conference" ...  we can still critique what celebrities wear right? Of course! Here is my list of the best-dressed actresses:

Katie Holmes


Nicole Kidman


Reese Witherspoon


Lucy Liu


Jessica Alba


Rachel Bilson


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Fashion New Year's Resolutions

Give yourself a mini fashion makeover

Resolutions take on many forms; the good news is that they don't all have to include giving up cheesecake and your morning lattes.

Now is the time to set your fashion New Year's Resolutions, and start 2008 with your best (and most stylish) foot forward.

1. Clean out your closet. As the nights get colder, you need something to do right? Why not get a jump start on Spring cleaning? Donate, consign or give away clothes you haven't worn in a year or are too big/small.

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Belisi Spotlight

The shoes that keep on giving

Patent_black What could top finding the perfect pair of shoes? Besides winning the lottery and discovering the Fountain of Youth that is. Say you have a killer pair of mules but want to make sure they stay on your feet this winter. Heelstraps are an ingenious new product that not only transforms backless heels into sexy strappy heels, they give you several new ways to wear your shoes. Available in a variety of colors, Heelstraps cost only $10!

Belisi Fashions, Jupiter, Florida

Fashion problems fixes

Oops! Telltale white marks on a black dress, out of control static, gaping blouses and embarrassing “tic tacs” in a cold room. They happen at all the wrong times. Well, I guess there never is a good time to suffer a fashion meltdown.

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Silver Bells

If you were a bit nervous splurging on a silver handbag or a pair of strappy silver Jimmy Choo heels, you can put your pretty little mind to rest. Silver is still going strong and it’s hotter than ever. Expect to see lots of silver accessories (handbags, belts, shoes, and jewelry), blouses, and dresses. Silver outerwear is in for fall and winter but I’m not sure if this trend will stick--there can be too much of a good thing.

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What clothes to keep, what to toss

What to keep and what to toss, donate, or relegate to the back of your closet


There are a lot of trends floating around, and some of their staying power is surprising. Like leggings. They look good on virtually no one and yet the trend has persevered despite much backlash and skepticism. How can a style that so blatantly accentuates the calf and calls attention to ankles and the true height of the average American woman have endured for this long? Finally, the end is near my friends.

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Plastic Fantastic

If you haven't heard, letting it all show is the in thing right now (and I'm not talking about all those super short skirts and daisy dukes). Clear bags, bangle bracelets, shoes and shades are accessories you can't live without for spring and summer. While plastic may have seemed cheap before, it's now the chicest accessory in Hollywood. Lucite (crystal) jewelry and shoes are especially hot.Lucite 


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Crossing Seasons

Jill Hennessy got this season's trendy look right at the Catch and Release Premiere in LA. Here she rocks the shift dress with black tights and satin platform shoes. She can take this dress into spring by losing the tights and heels for a pair of comfy ballerina slippers.

Bling bling gone bye bye? Not a chance ... metallics still going strong

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

For the past few seasons we've seen a battle for dominance among divergent trends, namely post-grunge edgy rocker, ubran prep, modernized romantic, bohemian free spirit and ghetto-fhab-ulous. They've all held pace but with Spring comes change and a desire for a softer look. I think people simply get tired Fof in-your-face fashion after a while, or maybe the designers stop and shake their heads at their own creations. Surprisingly metallics are still going strong but collections are promising a more subdued line of golds, pewter and bronze footwear.

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Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!

Laces out: do shoes really make the outfit?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The sexy black dress or the strappy stilettos? One way to look at it is that even if you blow your house payment on the sexiest dress on the planet, if you wear a pair of shabby shoes—or the wrong shoes—you might as well have worn a flour sack. On the other hand, you could wear a so-so dress and a pair of hot heels and bam! Insta outfit. But seriously, it doesn’t really matter which one pulls more weight, what matters is that neither can pull off a fabulous look with the other.

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