Tips for Packing Light

We’ve all been warned of the new charges airlines are charging for whatever they can think of — checked baggage, primo seats (in Coach!) and food. I’ve even heard that some airlines are thinking about charging for water. So what’s a savvy traveler to do?  You can grin and bare it, or you can find ways to cut corners and conserve.

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Shopping in Rome

When in Rome, prepare to spend!

If you’re an American heading to Rome for vacation and you plan to shop, prepare  to spend. You won’t find many deals in this ancient city. The major fashion houses aren’t based here (like they are in Milan and Paris), and Rome is more of a draw for tourists, so you can expect the prices to match those found in high-end stores in the States. And with the weak dollar, you’ll end up spending nearly double that amount. When I visited Rome in March, the exchange rate was $1.58 to the almighty euro. Ouch.

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Winter Fashion: Accessorizing and Layering

While we haven’t seen piles of snow yet, the temps have dropped in many parts of the country. Even temperate climes get a little chilly at night--yes, even in California. Once the snowbanks bog us down, we often go from battling brute force winds to sweltering indoor heat. The best way to deal is by layering and choosing your accessories wisely.

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What the stars wear

News flash: some celebrities do their own shopping! The horror, I know.

Britneyrebecca_taylor_long_dress See what Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brittany Spears picked up at Lisa Kline ... okay, so Brittany hasn't exhibited the best judgment lately but she does have a #1 album, so we'll give her some credit.

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Belisi Fashion Flash: The Long Glove trend

Get ready to glam it up this winter with super femme long leather gloves.

24246738_d1 Long Ruched Leather Gloves $79.99

24220329_d1 Leather Driving Gloves with Knit Top $100

24266645_d1 Lord & Taylor Long Black Patent Glove $99.99

Shop these looks at

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Belisi Fashion Flash: Swaroski and celebs join forces for a cause

These days, it’s easier to keep track of the celebrities who aren’t jumping on the fashion designer bandwagon. But before you start huffing over the ridiculous notion that because people can act or sing means they can conquer all creative and artistic endeavors, these celebs aren’t touting their own ingenious lines—they’re lending their name for a good cause.

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Belisi Fashion Flash

White_outfit_2 Monochromatic is back! Do it up in all black, beige or winter white fWidelegor a slimming, polished look. D Magazine shows you how to pull off the head-to-toe single hue look in style.

Return of the wideleg pant. SecondCityStyle says we have a thing or two to learn from Prince.

Get a patent on it. StyleBakery has the lo-down oPatentn patent leather, from all-out glossy jackets, handbags and shoes to subtle piping and trim.

Belisi Best Bets of the Week

It’s getting cold out there! Okay, well it will soon. While we hate to admit that snowdrifts and cold night winds are right around the corner, the bright side is that we get to wear a new accessory--coats! This week’s Belisi Best Bets feature adorable fall and winter coats in three of this seasons hot trends: the quilted leather jacket, cropped jacket in houndstooth and the belted trench. Did I mention the rock bottom prices (though you’d never know it)? Get them before they’re gone:

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What clothes to keep, what to toss

What to keep and what to toss, donate, or relegate to the back of your closet


There are a lot of trends floating around, and some of their staying power is surprising. Like leggings. They look good on virtually no one and yet the trend has persevered despite much backlash and skepticism. How can a style that so blatantly accentuates the calf and calls attention to ankles and the true height of the average American woman have endured for this long? Finally, the end is near my friends.

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Luck of the Irish: Green for Spring

Even if you aren’t Irish, at least you can act like it (by wearing green silly). Fortunately, green is one of those colors that looks great on everyone regardless of hair color or skin tone but it isn’t worn enough. This just isn’t right. You always notice someone wearing green.

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