Get a little Aly-tude and win a Belisi Handbag!

Gummy Bears, deodorant, whitening strips. What’s in your handbag? Belisi Fashions and Aly-tude want to know. As we get ready to launch our new handbag collection, we’ve partnered with Aly from’s blog “Aly-tude” for a handbag giveaway.

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Multi-seasonal fashion—is it possible?

Remember the days when trends lasted one season? To be caught wearing last season’s “it” item was the Kiss of Death. Now we cross our fingers and hope that skinny jeans and metallics come back for encore performances. Well, we got our wish. And for those of us who love wearing dresses—even in the dead of winter—we can hold on to most of those too. Finally, the style mavens are cutting us some slack!

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