Jellies are back

My moth Jelliesblueer always told me that if you were around when the style debuted, chances are you shouldn't wear it when it comes back around. Not to date myself but I remember begging my mom for a pair of iridescent jelly shoes back in the day. And she said, "No." So this would probably exempt me from her second-time-around rule. But still.

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Chocolate and shopping, what more could a girl want?

                     Henri Bendel adds one more temptation to the shopping experience

If you're going to indulge, you should go all out. I mean if you're going to drop $950 on a pair of Christian Louboutin peep-toe platforms, why not give in to all material delights? For the ultimate Diva's Dream head to Henri Bendel in New York City for some decadent shopping and noshing.

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Look like an Oscar starlet

There’s no shame in zoning out on a Sunday afternoon watching the pre-Oscar special on E! Unfortunately, all those martinis the night before caused you to doze in and out of a splendid nap. In between dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio you caught snippets of seemingly useful fashion and beauty advice (imagine that, information you can actually use from a celebrity gossip station).

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Bling bling gone bye bye? Not a chance ... metallics still going strong

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

For the past few seasons we've seen a battle for dominance among divergent trends, namely post-grunge edgy rocker, ubran prep, modernized romantic, bohemian free spirit and ghetto-fhab-ulous. They've all held pace but with Spring comes change and a desire for a softer look. I think people simply get tired Fof in-your-face fashion after a while, or maybe the designers stop and shake their heads at their own creations. Surprisingly metallics are still going strong but collections are promising a more subdued line of golds, pewter and bronze footwear.

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Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!

Laces out: do shoes really make the outfit?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The sexy black dress or the strappy stilettos? One way to look at it is that even if you blow your house payment on the sexiest dress on the planet, if you wear a pair of shabby shoes—or the wrong shoes—you might as well have worn a flour sack. On the other hand, you could wear a so-so dress and a pair of hot heels and bam! Insta outfit. But seriously, it doesn’t really matter which one pulls more weight, what matters is that neither can pull off a fabulous look with the other.

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