Tips for Packing Light

We’ve all been warned of the new charges airlines are charging for whatever they can think of — checked baggage, primo seats (in Coach!) and food. I’ve even heard that some airlines are thinking about charging for water. So what’s a savvy traveler to do?  You can grin and bare it, or you can find ways to cut corners and conserve.

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Fashion Myths De-Bunked

Why does it seem like the fashion powers-that-be are always contradicting themselves? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck ...

So one minute you have to match your handbag to your shoes and the next you absolutely should not perfectly match your accessories. It's a crazy world out there and who can keep all the fashion rules straight? They're always changing any way! Here are some fashion "DON'Ts" that are really fashions DOs!

111507_bosworth_200x400 Wear more than one pattern at a time

Obviously, you have to use some discretion here. You don't want to wear a leopard print dress with a zebra scarf. Choose a main pattern and let other patterns compliment it. Scarves, when worn correctly, are a great way to accent a great pattern on a dress or skirt. Actress like Kate Bosworth knows how to mix and match patterns.

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How to wear a scarf

What's the most versatile accessory? Nope, it's not a handbag or a pair of shoes. Silk scarves can instantly create multiple looks from the same outfit, tie back your hair, double as a halter top, swimsuit coverup or keep your shoulders warm on a breezy evening. They travel well (you can tuck them into your handbag, carry-on or suitcase) and they never go out of style.

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Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Hottest Pink Party Ever 2008

Actressgw_kevin_15704009_4001 Celebrities Sir Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elizabeth Hurley rallied in support of breast cancer research at the recent Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hottest Pink Party Ever 2008 held on April 8, 2008 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

While Elton John brought down the house with an exclusive performance, celebrities danced the night away—and wrote hefty checks—all in the name of breast cancer research. An estimated $5 million was raised from the event. Nice sunglasses, Elton.

Elizabeth Hurley (BCRF’s resident emcee), who arrived wearing a sari, and Gwenyth Paltrow in a pretty pink strapless gown, were among the honored guests at the party, where tables went for between $20,000 and $100,000. In addition to Hurley and Sir Elton, several stars came out to support the Foundation, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Padma Lakshmi, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, Carson Kressley, Katrina Bowden, Lipstick Jungle's David Alan Basche, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Vera Wang and Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

Want to do your party to help raise awareness and research funds for breast cancer? Belisi Fashions Luxury with Meaning program donates a portion of sales from its breast cancer awareness products to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Show your support … wear pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Fsd53216_tie_shot1_173Sz12352_lngscarf_shot2_125 Sz123541t_tie_shot1_173 Pink Products , Pink Neckties, Pink Scarves

:: A. Covington for The Divas Dreams

Spring Accessories: Must-Have Silk Scarves

Spring is finally here and summer is within sight. And warmer weather means more wardrobe options and summer vacations.

A silk scarf is a must-have accessory for spring and summer (especially for the beach to keep fly-aways at bay). Scarves make for a great travel accessory too. They're lightweight and don't take up much room in handbags or luggage, and you can use them to create different looks from the same outfit.

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Cashmere Mafia trend alert

Cashmere_mafia_juliet_draper_5_2Unique ways to wear scarves

Caitlin Dowd (actress Bonnie Sommerville) of the hit show Cashmere Mafia proudly sported a growing trend of wearing silk scarves around the wrist. In the episode "Conference Call", Ms. Sommerville sported a silk scarf around her wrist. 1057058680_b05ae091cb_mAll of these ladies are trend setters. This fashion forward cast is all about playing up their female assets with sexy skirts and bold accessories like scarfs, gloves, bracelets, necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and statement-making Gucci handbags. What I love about this show is that each character's storyline is interesting, without any character outshining the other (at least not yet anyway). Comparing the wardrobe from the upcoming Sex & the City movie to that of the Cashmere Mafia make the SATC ladies look like they're shopping last season's sample sales. Oh and Women's Murder Club? Forget about it. 

::A.Covington for Belisi Fashions

Gifts for men: what to get the guys on your list

Best Gifts for Men

When it comes to buying gifts for men, the rules are pretty simple. Unlike women, most guys like getting gifts that make their lives easier. If it means one less trip to the mall, all the better. If it entertains them, it’s a winner. While women like gifts that make them feel pampered, men like gifts that give them more time to do the things they like doing (i.e., having fun). So if you buy them a new work wardrobe, that means they can spend more time, you guessed it, having fun. Whether it’s enjoying their wine collection or playing video games.

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Winter Fashion: Accessorizing and Layering

While we haven’t seen piles of snow yet, the temps have dropped in many parts of the country. Even temperate climes get a little chilly at night--yes, even in California. Once the snowbanks bog us down, we often go from battling brute force winds to sweltering indoor heat. The best way to deal is by layering and choosing your accessories wisely.

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Belisi Fashion Spotlight

Paisley_rosebud_2Colorful scarves liven up fall wardrobes. The Rosebud  Luxe Paisley scarf by Belisi blends warm burgundy tones with delicate pink in a paisley patten. Tie it around a ponytail or wear as a headband.

Keep hair in check this summer

_e5h9376 The sun and sand also wreak
havoc on the vibrancy of hair color. We spend a lot of time and
money getting our locks the right shade of honey, chestnut or auburn,
and a day at the beach can mean a $200 trip to the colorist.

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