Fashion problems fixes

Oops! Telltale white marks on a black dress, out of control static, gaping blouses and embarrassing “tic tacs” in a cold room. They happen at all the wrong times. Well, I guess there never is a good time to suffer a fashion meltdown.

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Belisi commentary: Is modest sexy?

Do have to bare it all to look, or better yet, feel sexy? Is there a difference in the type of attention you get when you wear a bum-skimming mini and a plunging neckline versus a modest sheath and a high-neck collar? Is there a way to cover up and not look like a blast from a Jane Austen novel? Indeed there is! While the rest of the world may be going to hell in a handbasket, it seems showing a little less skin is sexier than ever. Jackie_o_shabby_apple

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Plastic Fantastic

If you haven't heard, letting it all show is the in thing right now (and I'm not talking about all those super short skirts and daisy dukes). Clear bags, bangle bracelets, shoes and shades are accessories you can't live without for spring and summer. While plastic may have seemed cheap before, it's now the chicest accessory in Hollywood. Lucite (crystal) jewelry and shoes are especially hot.Lucite 


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Look like an Oscar starlet

There’s no shame in zoning out on a Sunday afternoon watching the pre-Oscar special on E! Unfortunately, all those martinis the night before caused you to doze in and out of a splendid nap. In between dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio you caught snippets of seemingly useful fashion and beauty advice (imagine that, information you can actually use from a celebrity gossip station).

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