Feminine Tops and Blouses

My favorite sexy tops and blouses ... for now

A splash of color, a stunning print or a little lace. The mercury may be dropping but that doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine and sexy. Unfortunately when you hit the mall all you see are bulky sweaters. Well, ladies, get those fingers clicking, I’ve rounded up some of the prettiest tops you can find on the Internet. And yes, I’m aware that it’s the holidays and we “shouldn’t” buy things for ourselves but what better way to ensure you get what you really want--and in the right size? I say, go for it!

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Wide Belts: Spring’s Hottest Look

The word is out—wide belts are the hottest fashion accessory for spring—the perfect compliment for the gorgeous dresses slated for spring and summer. Belts look great with many different styles of dresses hitting stores, from free-flowing sundresses to shirt dresses to tunics. Really wide belts (3 inches or wider) are a hot ticket item, as are leather sashes, leather or cloth wraps and stretchy cinch belts. Get one in grey, black, brown, red, white, metallic, and pretty much any vibrant color.

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