An Introduction to Handbag Manufacturing

Where Do Handbags Come From?


Have you ever wondered where your designer handbag came from and what went in to making it? And how does a handbag go from an idea to a finished product and why do they cost so much?


Bringing a handbag or purse design to life is an involved process—and the higher the quality of the bag, the more thought goes into its creation. The process usually begins with a sketch; however before any drawings can move into production, the designer needs to consider the latest handbag trends to ensure that the finished product will fit into current styles, meet consumer demands and offer enough differentiation to make the bag unique from others on the market.


A skilled pattern maker will use the drawings to create a paper model or prototype of the bag and an official pattern that will be used to create the entire luxury handbag collection. But before the bags can be made, the materials and colors must be selected. For example, one handbag could come in several colors or types of leather, from soft, calfskin leather to ostrich. The silhouette plays an important role in selecting the type of leather; a structured shoulder bag should use a more durable and stiff leather while a hobo or slouchy handbag would use softer, more pliable leather.


After the materials are selected, a leather cutter will cut the leather for each handbag and prepare it for stitching. This is a delicate process that requires a skilled leather worker, which contributes to the cost of an authentic handbag. Each piece must be cut perfectly to correspond to the handbag pattern—only an experienced leather cutter will know how to best work with specific types of leather to ensure that the end result is perfect.


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2008 Summer Handbag Trends

I'm always excited to check out the latest seasonal trends to find out what colors, textures, fabrics and shapes are the most popular. While we can always look forward to an of-the-moment trend, each season ushers in many return trends -- and for summer this means oversized canvas totes and wicker bags, fun colors and a more casual look.

Classics like satchel handbags and shoulder bags will always have a place in the lineup. You should always have a tried-and-true handbag in your closet no matter what. With that said, let's take a look at this seasons hottest handbag trends.

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Beach Couture: Sexy Swimwear

The beach is not off-limits when it comes to high fashion. Just because you’re wearing next to nothing in the presence of strangers doesn’t mean you should throw all sense of style out the window.
470105281b_2 What is “beach couture”? It doesn't mean basic bikinis and swimsuits worn with a plain t-shirt and flip flops. If you're hitting the sands in South Beach or poolside at the Delano, you'll want to "dress" to impress with European styled cut-out onepiece suits or couture bikinis like this one from Emilio Pucci. If you're going to lounge by the pool and skip the frolicking in the water, you can opt for a fancier swimsuit like this one by Cavalli.

But the fashion show doesn't end with your suit. You'll want to compliment your stunning swimsuit with a sexy cover-up, sandals and a designer beach towel. Oh and don't forget your designer sunglasses.

Christies one piece suit


Byblos one piece suit


Sexy Beach Cover Ups

Emilio Pucci Cover-up


Cristina Ferrari


Designer Beach Towels

Funky beach towel


Floral beach towel


Handbags for all Mankind (or womankind anyway)

1709_thumbWhile I admittedly am over the 7 for All Mankind denim pocket design (let’s1670_thumb change it up people!), I am a fan of their new collection of sturdy oversized handbags like the Mixed Media Top Zip Satchel. I like the fun print and eye-catching details.

I also really like the 7 for All Mankind Pleated Straps Tote. For $895, you get a luxurious soft leather bag with pleats on the front and back. It’s a breath of fresh air not to have their company insignia monogrammed all over the bag too.

Photos: 7 for All Mankind

::A.Covington for The Divas Dreams

Get Eva Longoria's dress

Evav_2Denim is the "it" fabric for spring

I'm not talking about school marm denim jumpers circa 1983, I mean sexy denim like the dress Eva Longoria wore in this candid photo. Don't you just love the Internet? You see a celebrity wearing something cute and within minutes it's yours (well, at least it's on the way to being yours).  I love this dress because of the elephant belt that cinches the middle and the flattering silhouette.

Get the Voom Elephant denim dress at

::A.Covington for Belisi Fashions


Get Kate Hudson's casual chic look

022508_hudson_200x400 While we don't all have stylists and personal shoppers but with a little effort (a few clicks of a mouse), you can look as "effortlessly" chic as Kate Hudson in her colorful cashmere sweater jacket, black v-neck sweater and skinny belt, flare leg jeans and playful leopard print pumps.


Get Kate Hudson's look:

Lily Mcneal black v-neck sweater


Linea Pelle, Inc. skinny belt


Lauren Conrad Katherine Wrap in Blue Jewel


True Religion Bobby Big T in Nine Lives Dark jeans


Anne Klein New York Leopard Haircalf Pumps


Stella McCartney Aviators


Tie Dye ... can you dig it?

There are some things you just don't think will ever come back into style--like overalls and neon colored clothes. But then some fresh-faced designer decides to reinvent, and hopefully improve, a style from days gone by. Is tie dye one of these styles that will make its way back into the mainstream? Can a trend so obnoxious to begin with ever earn critical acclaim?

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Stella McCartney designs for LeSportsac

I bought my first LeSportsac six years ago and it’s is still my favorite lightweight tote (my DVF being my favorite heavyduty travel bag). It’s classic, practical and stylish. It gives hope that we can live without leather … okay, maybe not. It comes as no surprise that environmentally responsible designer Stella McCartney has designed a collection of bags for LeSportsac, which will debut on in February (right around the corner ladies!).

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Oversized handbags ... in or out?

Okay, take a deep breath; oversized handbags are still in … for now. According to an Omiru poll, 60 percent of readers cast their vote in favor of the big bag trend. A shocking 27 percent said the trend (one of my favorites in a long time by the way) is on its way out. Ouch! I am holding out hope that my oversized investments will hold their show value for a couple more seasons at least. I hightly doubt that with so many women dropping hundreds (and thousands) on big handbags are going to accept the ousting order of this popular trend without a fight.

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Fashion New Year's Resolutions

Give yourself a mini fashion makeover

Resolutions take on many forms; the good news is that they don't all have to include giving up cheesecake and your morning lattes.

Now is the time to set your fashion New Year's Resolutions, and start 2008 with your best (and most stylish) foot forward.

1. Clean out your closet. As the nights get colder, you need something to do right? Why not get a jump start on Spring cleaning? Donate, consign or give away clothes you haven't worn in a year or are too big/small.

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