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Belisi Fashions - How it started

Belisi in jeans, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Hi, Friends.

I want to tell you my story. I hope that by knowing a little about me, you’ll feel a connection to the Belisi community - the reason our company exists. Bartending in Palm Beach, I served the trendsetters who embody the sophisticated lifestyle I craved.

Struggling to support my wife and newborn baby with no savings, I wanted to start a business; to do something I enjoy and provide a better life for my family. Nothing came to mind immediately, but I knew that if I wanted success, I needed to look the part. Emulating my high-end clientele, I invested any extra money in a tie collection. Before long, co-workers and customers praised my eye for stand-out fashion fit for Palm Beach. Their positive feedback finally gave me the idea I was looking for all along: I would sell a line of luxury fashion accessories, inspired by the Palm Beach Lifestyle.

I believe accessories are the start, not the finish of the design-inspired look—with the right accessories, even average garments are transformed into winning style. I want to offer the same quality fashion accessories seen on the Palm Beach elite but at a more approachable price. I am excited about our entrance into luxury handbags, in addition to our tie and scarf collections.

Something else I learned in my bartending days is that wealthy Palm Beachers don’t like to compromise, they want it all -- the best design and the best quality, all while making a difference in the world. Giving is a part of the Palm Beach lifestyle just as much as style. It’s with giving in mind that we’ve created the philosophy “Luxury with Meaning” uniting our customers into a community joined by the love of fabulous fashion and giving back to others.

Every time you purchase a Belisi product, you’re making a difference for someone in need. How? We give a portion of every purchase, no matter how large or small, to the cause of your choice. Just look for our Luxury with Meaning program at Belisi.com. We recognize you have many options in designer fashion, thank you for thinking of us.


Peter Belisi
FYI, be sure to check out these websites for more about Belisi:
Belisi on MySpace
Belisi on Flickr
Belisi Buzz!

plus our other blogs:

The Diva's Dreams - glam for gals

Sharp by Design - men's fashion & more

Belisi Insiders

I want to hear from you! Post your comments below.

Belisi Fashions

Jupiter, FL



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I love the: style, your story and your appreciation for the organizations that you donate to.

keep up the good work.

Belinda A.

I won a Belisi tie and cuff links in a Mommies United contest and they both arrived in the mail today, beautiful! I can't wait to give them to my hubby - thank you!


You deserve all the success you're seeing. Even
more so that you've setup the "Luxury with Meaning"
program. There's not enough people out there who
put out good karma from their own success like that!




Debbie Russo

I am one of the organizers for the 1st Cav Bravo 2-5 Reunion
at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, Illinois

A group of approx 80 Vietnam Veterans and their spouses will be attending this special reunion.

They will be coming from all over the country. (they consist of Owners of companies, presidents of companies..etc, great promotional opportunity to advertize your company)exmaples, bags, mugs, cups, caps etc with your logo

As we are all aware the Vietnam Vet never received a proper welcome home. We would like to organize a reunion they'll never forget

I am asking if you can assist us in making this reunion a successful reunion by donating promotional items Company logo giveaways for each Veteran, food/soda/bottles water/ sponsor a food donation/gift certificates etc.. anything you can donate towards this reunion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Debbie Russo/Rose Lewis
Reunion Coordinators

dominique rooney


I am looking for your marketing/PR contact. I do Food Meets Fashion in Harper's Bazaar and Genlux magazines and would like to feature a bag or scarf(s) for June 2008, Summer issues, if you are interested. Please send contact info and I will email you my information or go to www.inkinternationalmedia.com and foodmeetsfashion.com. You can also call me at 310.477.7929 in Los Angeles.

Warm regards,



hi would like to know if you have special offers on ties if so please email them to me. i don't make alot of money but i love your ties thank you robert


What a beautiful story. Thank you for inspiring me to keep reaching for my dreams.


Some of the patterns in your stuff remind me of Mediterranean architecture.


Cool story. We have far different businesses now... but started in similar areas. You were a bartender, I was a casino dealer before becoming a business owner.

Great concept and a great heart. Good luck to you!


what an inspiring story you have Mr. Belisi. i am pretty sure that whoever reads it will be inspired as much as it inspired me in pursuing my dreams and to share my blessings to others. more power to you!

Jean Bauhaus

I think it's impressive how you've built yourself up in life. I'm also impressed with your commitment to giving back to the community. I tend to balk at spending so much money on fashion when I could use it to do some good in the world. Knowing that I could do both at once will go a long way toward getting me to splurge.


Peter, I admire you so much! Too many people just sit around and whine about what they do not have, rather than trying to do something to change their situation. But you had a dream, and you worked hard to achieve it. You deserve every bit os success that comes your way.


Very inspiring story. Nice to see that you are living your dream and sharing with others.


What a great story. I really liked blogging about it. And your ties are awesome!


Thanks for "keeping it real." It's humbling to know that you look to your background and history for support and guidance.

You followed your dreams and your designs are fresh, beautiful, and a true work of art!


Hmm I had a comment but the one under my name isnt mine! I had said that you have a fantastic story! My husband and I are thinking of beginning a home business and I only hope our story is as wonderful as yours!


Amazing story thank you for sharing! My husband and I are considering a home business, I only hope our story will be just as fantastic!


Forget Britney Spears or Madonna -- You Sir are the American Dream! What a great story. Its confirms my belief that the only thing necessary in life to succeed is passion. Even though I have a good life, I'm sitll looking for my passion.

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia

Peter, It's wonderful to read a success story like yours. Your designs are fabulous and your fashion advice is timely and unique. Thanks for making the world a better place with the 'Luxury with Meaning' program!

Anthony McCune

A quick touch base, I rewrite the post on how you got started. Hoping this will serve you as well as possible. I'd be interested in becoming an affiliate if you should have such a program.


Great story - an inspiration to anyone that has ever had the dream of starting up their own unique business.


Nice to read how you got started. I'm sure you're an inspiration to many new designers. Maybe you should start a reality show for aspiring designers.

Anthony McCune

I was pleased to do a blog post for you through Pay Per Post. I have dreams as well and am willing to do what it takes to make them come true. Are you accepting resumes?


Your story inspires me to be creative in taking care of my family. Thank you for sharing!


What a great story! I wish I had the "Eye" like you do! I've enjoyed reading all of your blogs--especially the "Diva" one for me! I'm hoping to be able to 'style up' my very plain wardrobe with some of your suggestions! Thanks!

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