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The Origin of the Necktie by Belisi Fashions

Peter Belisi, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

I get asked all the time where neckties come from.

Well, here's the answer (drumroll, please:)
The origin of the necktie dates back to Croatian soldiers who came to Paris in 1635 to help King Louis XIII.

They were wearing silk scarves tied around their necks in a distinctive. The French, always with a focus to fashion, loved the style and adapted it as their own.

"La Cravate" the French word for necktie derives from "La Croate" meaning "the one from Croatia."

Lots of people think that a woman invented the necktie so that she could more easily control her husband. I don't know why anyone would even think that! Anyway, now you know the real story.

Belisi Fashions

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