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Belisi Fashions - What's Beautiful to You?

Inside Belisi we cultivate a passion for exquisite materials and skilled craftsmanship. Each dramatic detail, represents our unwavering quest to fashion products of truly enduring value.

The name BELISI comes from the Italian bellissimo meaning "very beautiful".

BELISI means sophisticated, classic, beautiful.

I want to know -

What's "beautiful" to you?

Maybe it's your daughter's smile, a sunset in Key West, the perfect rose.

I'm giving away $100 Belisi Gift Cards for my favorite responses.

Very truly yours,


Share your comments below.

Belisi Fashions

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silver maple leaf

All things in nature are beautiful. A crackling fire in the open or in a fireplace. The natural curves of nature friendly alternative construction. Fresh veggies in your garden. Blooming spring Flowers. Autumn. A lush undisturbed forest. A sparkling spring or stream fed pond or lake filled with blue green iron rich water. The piercing sound an eagle makes when heard in person, not recorded. The bay of coyotes in the middle of the night. Frogs croaking in Spring. The noise Whip-per-whils make.
The way flashing fireflies looks like a dance of light in the woods at night. Natural muslin curtains flowing in the breeze coming through an open window. Falling Snow or rain. A thunderstorm. I couldgo on for hours on this subject.


* Someone who is genuinely helping another person
* A roomful of teenagers praising the Lord
* A perfect fall day


What's beautiful to me?
For me, what is beautiful is the experiences of having my children. God created me to give birth to these wonderful children. The look on my husbands face when he saw his child for the first time is just absolutely beautiful. My first glance of my newborn, as they were placed above my heart. Their newness, their fresh innocent faces, that is what i beautiful to me.


It is often said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Scientists know better. Babies have been shown to prefer symmetrical faces and faces people in general consider beautiful. We are programmed to see beauty the same way.

Yet the definition of beauty to each individual can be subjective. This is what beautiful means to me.

Life is beautiful. Almost miraculous if you consider the astronomical odds we defied to even exist. Every moment of my brief time in the sun, however joyful, however tragic, however delightful, however uneventful, is beautiful.

My world is beautiful. The serenity of the night sky, the twinkling stars. Further out, the planets in our Solar System, each a unique marbled globe made of the stuff of life. The quiet before breaking out of our galaxy like entering a noisy party. The Andromeda galaxy, the Spiral Galaxy, the amazing scale of our whole Universe that makes me gasp every time I play it in my mind's eye.

And the things in life that I see before me when I open my eyes are beautiful. My family, my baby's smile, my beloved cat-children, words used to describe them, fluid prose, the synergy of a well-woven story, red roses, still images of captured moments, my hands, my blood, the fact I am alive.


The thing that is the most beautiful to me is the laughter of children. I have a nice recording of one of my kids laughing here:

Amy Jo

I posted about a friend of mine.




Beauty... such a interesting thing to think about... What really is Beauty? I often think of the verse in Proverbs that says "Charm is deceietful and Beauty is fading... but a woman who fears the Lord... she shall be praised!" Proverbs 31:30...
and you know its absolutely right!

Beauty doesnt last...
So why do we parade ourselves around all the time trying to keep up with this worldly idea of beauty. It doesnt matter if we are the perfect size 3... with the flawless skin and designer clothes. What matters is how we live our life.

Those who are beautiful today and on the covers of vogue wont look like that in 40 years. It all passes.

We should live our lives in awe of the beauty God has shined on all of us. Each morning we wake up to sun...a gentle sound of rain... or maybe just your loving husband or happy lil' toddler in bed. Whatever the case our lives are filled with the beautiful craftmenship of an incredible almighty God :-)
There really arent words that can completely define "what is beautiful..."
But rather "what isn't beautiful" ;-)

I.M. Cupnjava

Something went wonky. I didn't post that bit about my wife's face. LOL!

I.M. Cupnjava

I love the look of an old growth forest at sunset. The hue of the sky tweaks the leaves almost casting them into the realm of ultra violet. It’s breath taking. I also love the smell of a forest at dawn in the early fall. The air still has a bit of crispness to it, but it feels clean and new.

The sound of a cat purring. That soothing content rumble can’t be duplicated by any means. Every time one of my little ones curls up beside me and purrs, I know that I’ve made him a very happy kitty. Happy kitties are the best kind of kitties. Watching my husband sleep. I know, that’s totally sappy, but it fills me with a sense of peace. I use that a lot in my writing. I like to have a character thing about their lover and their relationship while their lover sleeps. It’s a great time for contemplation and deep thinking. A child’s laugh—that’s another thing. There’s something clear and honest about how children laugh. They don’t care if people stare at them or find it funny too. They just laugh until they don’t want to anymore.

It does seem strange for a fashion company to ask this kind of question, but I’m glad they did. Just thinking about these things makes me feel calm and collected.

In regards to fashion and beauty. I love glasses. I have a huge glasses thing going on. I think it’s because I equate intelligence to glasses and intelligence to sexiness.


I find the smile on my wife's face as I wake her with a kiss on her forehead each morning the most beautiful sight in the world.


Beauty is everywhere . . and unfortunately people pass it by every day, and don't give it a second thought.
The way the sun streams through the trees on my drive to work in the morning.
The stunning silence after a freshly fallen snow.
The smell of the air as you walk through the crisp, colorful leaves in fall.
The sight of a stranger, helping another stranger (rare! but beautiful).
The sight of a couple holding hands while walking.
A dog, quaking with excitement when its owner returns home.
A cat, stretched out upside down on the floor, content and trusting.
The sound of a house full of friends and family.
The sound of an empty house, knowing you have nothing to do that day.
The look on a persons face when they've found that *perfect* item of clothing, knowing that they look fabulous; and the confidence that they posess because of it.
Waking up every morning to new opportunities.


Beauty is Nature. It is the purest form of beauty and also the most everlasting.

Anthony McCune

I think about my Grandmother's smile; that was true beauty. The things that remind me of her, that inspire me are what I find to be beautiful.

She always had wonderful flowerbeds. I think of her when I see the perfection of a newly opened rose blossom.

We would sit on the back porch in the evening. Talking about anything or not talking at all. We would watch the sun dip low on the horizon. Sunsets are incredibly beautiful to me.

I grew up in the country. We would linger into the night looking at the stars. She spoke of the beauty of what God created. Those are the things that truly made her smile.

We would go walking in the woods; it didn't matter what season it was. She was able to identify all the trees on sight. I learned that the trees either have color in the Spring or Autumn. There were times we'd be walking and I could imagine her as a little girl taking such walks with her father.

I would have to say, it all revolves back to the same thing for me. My Grandmother's smile is ultimate beauty to me.


From a personal and family aspect -
I love seeing my two year old daughter the first thing when I wake up. To see her lying next to me and saying "Mama, wake up." It's absolutely beautiful and has even made me cry on occassion.

The day that Margot gave birth to Graem was the most amazing and beautiful day of my life. I will remember every minute of seeing my daughter for the first time and catching her in my hands.

From a nature aspect -
I love seeing the sun shine on a newly made snow and snow outlining the trees. I also think it's beautiful to see a yellow moon shine low in the sky.


What’s beautiful to me is my family, right down to every last cousin and in-law…even the Outlaws all coming together!

Real beauty is seeing all my family in one room interacting with each other…

Some laughing, some arguing, some hugging, some talking loud while others huddle in the corner in some deep discussion.

There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing my family together, treating each other with dignity and respect.

Seeing the love in their eyes, and the way they move, hearing it in there words even when they disagree.

Watching the children and the adults relating with each other and teaching each other, that is what is beautiful to me.


I find simplicity beautiful. I can look at a spotlessly white sheet drying on a line in the breeze and be overcome by the emotion of the simple beauty I am seeing. When I see a woman nursing a child, I see the most simple and pure relationship in the world and I see beauty. My daughter’s giggle is simply beautiful. I find one simple flower more lovely than a whole bouquet.


There are quite a few things I find beautiful so here’s my list.

- The ability to laugh, especially at yourself or when the going gets tough. To me that shows that the person has a happy heart and despite what is going on deep down they have hope that things are going to get better.

- Being yourself. Nothing is more beautiful than a person who allows their real personality to shine through and not some phony persona.

- Helping others. Little favors or big ones, when one person helps another that in turn brings those people together and that is definitely a beautiful thing.

I’ve only listed 3 I know but to me these are the most important ones. They are things that if they haven’t already, a person can do and make their lives just a little more beautiful.


So, what is beautiful to me? Here are just a few things...

~ Kitties snuggled up together, fast asleep.
~ A beautiful summer day at my favorite ballpark.
~ The tender look in my husband's eyes as he is petting or brushing one of our kitties.
~ The song "Starry Starry Night" by Don McLean.
~ Lighthouses. And just about anything to do with the seashore.
~ A handmade card from a friend.
~ "My Life In France", by the late, great Julia Child. She and her husband Paul had one of the most romantic, beautiful marriages. Juila was indeed a great lady, and one beautiful woman!
~ The movie "Field of Dreams"
~ Old Sturbridge Village in the fall. I love the autumn colors!
~ Anything made of chocolate!
~ The signt of moose wading in a pond up in Maine, just after dawn.

I also posted this on my blog:


I see beauty everywhere. Beauty is my children. It's the way the care for one another and their friends. It's the frost covered trees, the animals at the zoo. It's the uniqueness of everyone and everything that surrounds me. Beauty isn't just a look, it's a feeling. It's how you feel when your husband looks at you, even when you are in your PJ's. It's how your daughter tells you are the prettiest Momma in the world, when you are frazzled from taking care of a crabby baby all day. Beauty is the everyday things in life that we sometimes take for granted.


What's beautiful to me is when you meet her again five years later and know that she'd been there and done that...and had the strength to choose differently....and is now living the life she couldn't imagine being good enough to live herself...yet there she is.....in peacefilled strength of knowing she got herself there....with God's help.


When my two year old snuggles into our bed at wee hours of the morning expecting to be cuddled and nursed... to me, that is simply a beautiful experience and moment. As a mum who practises prolonged breastfeeding, this is a beautiful thing we both shared. His smiles, giggles, playfulness, every act and gesture reminds me that life itself is beautiful.


Beauty is subjective. Some people tend to focus on outward appearances, but I believe there is an inner beauty within every person. Anne Frank said, "I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are still truly good at heart."

The most beautiful thing to me is the kindness of others. When others are willing to do something for someone else, it not only touches the recipient of that kindness-- it touches your own heart too. I've seen people who have little to nothing help another in need. That selflessness and spirit of giving makes the world a better and more beautiful place to live in.


To me, the most beautiful thing is people with smiles on their faces. I just really love to see people happy and enjoying their life. Smiling is contagious so if you're happy, show it. Smile, you never know, it just migt make someone else smile.

Eureka Mom

The most beautiful thing to me is a mother nursing her child. Everyone knows breastfeeding is the best nutrition for babies, but when you see a mother nursing, you can tell there is much more involved than nutrition. There is a connection in the closeness that you can see as they gaze at one another. Having nursed both of my children, I know it is a great stress reliever for both mother and child - you have to relax or it just won't work. I remember looking forward to those times so I could just snuggle up with my child and relax for awhile.


So, what’s beautiful to me? It depends on which eyes I am looking through, I suppose.

When I look through the eyes of a mother, it is my children I find most beautiful. All of them are delightful to look at it, of course, but their personalities are pretty spectacular, too. I’m blessed to have quite a range of delightful people in my home, from the budding adult with all of her teenage angst, to the medium sized diva with her own notions of just how things ought to be done, to the baby who stands on still-wobbly knees and grins at me in her wonderful gap-toothed way. And that’s not even half my crew )

When I look through my photographer’s eyes, it is light and texture and the intermingling, ever-changing fluctuation of the two together. For instance, today I noticed that the tress which were brown and grey bark yesterday are today covered on one side with soft green moss. To me, that’s beautiful, and I’ll probably take a photo of it if it stops raining and stays grey long enough for me to do so.

The knitter in me takes great delight in vibrant colors, smooth textures, and the tools of my trade. It’s not just the way they look, but the way they feel in my hands that makes them beautiful. There are also beautiful memories caught up in some of my tools: the stitch markers from a friend, the antique needles that I don’t even know the history of, but can tell from the worn look of them that someone used them well.

And finally, when I look through the eyes of faith, there is beauty beyond compare. It is through these eyes that I see the hand of my Savior reaching down to lift a wretch like me from self-destruction. It is through these eyes of faith that I understand how much that redemption cost Him. And it is through these eyes that I see the wonderful prize that lies before me when I finish this race. It’s then that I will see the most beautiful thing of all–the face of Jesus Himself.

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