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Belisi Fashions Launches 'What's Beautiful to You?' Campaign

Belisi has fashioned a new campaign around asking one simple question -- What's Beautiful to You?

Palm Beach, FL (PRWeb) January 25, 2007 -- People have many definitions of what they find beautiful -- maybe it's a setting sunset, sharing a special moment with a loved one or witnessing their child achieve a goal. Belisi, a designer of luxury silk ties, scarves and handbags, wants to know what people find beautiful and is launching a contest to find out.

"We want to give our customers an opportunity to share their ideas of beauty. "

"Many things are beautiful -- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and hope are all beautiful," says creative director Peter Belisi. "We want to give our customers an opportunity to share their ideas of beauty."

Belisi is now accepting comments, essays, poems, and other musings that illustrate ideas of what's beautiful. Entrants with the most compelling submissions will receive a $100 Belisi.com Gift Card.

You know your story, now share it with the world. Visit Belisi - What's Beautiful to You? to tell us what is beautiful to you.

Here's some of what others have shared so far:

'Beauty is subjective.'

'The most beautiful thing is people with smiles on their faces.'

'The most beautiful thing to me is a mother nursing her child.'

'What's beautiful to me is my husband's smile.'

'The most beautiful thing to me is my three children when they are sleeping.'

'I recently participated in the 3-Day walk for breast cancer. Seeing thousands of women & men, from all walks of like, joining together for 3 days, is beautiful to me.'

'Beauty isn't in the make up of Hollywood, but in the kiss from one child to another, watching an elderly couple walking hand in hand, and sitting infront of a perfect sunrise or sunset with your arms wrapped around the one you love.'

E5h8765_1About Belisi:

Belisi is a luxury designer of high-end silk ties, scarves and women's handbags. The Belisi brand unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication. Each dramatic detail represents Belisi's unwavering quest to offer fashion accessories of truly enduring value. What sets the Belisi brand apart is its commitment to people. In line with its mission to create "luxury with meaning", a portion of the proceeds are donated to a local charity. Put simply, Belisi stands for beauty: great style, quality accessories and giving back to the community.

For more about Belisi visit Peter Belisi's Blog
To shop Belisi, visit Belisi.com


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The winners will be announced on May 1st.


When are the winners going to be announced?

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