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Belisi Fashions Announces Launch of Men's Fashion Blog

Belisi Announces Launch of Men's Fashion Blog

(PRWeb) February 13, 2007 -- Belisi, makers of finishing pieces for wardrobes and a name synonymous with luxury, announces the launch of a men's fashion blog: Sharp by Design. Belisi has earned a loyal following for its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags.

Successful men know that clothes and accessories--from Italian leather lace-ups to premium denim to cashmere coats and French cuff button-downs--send a powerful message. Styles, fabrics and patterns change with the seasons; however, there are many fashion benchmarks every man should commit to memory, such as how to properly tie a tie, fold a pocket square, and buy and wear a suit. Sharp by Design is a blog for the progressive urban man who wants to learn about fashion staples, as well as stay tuned in to emerging trends in casual wear and business attire. Look no further for straight-forward fashion and lifestyle tips for men, with featured insight from designers, stylists, and fashion experts.

The Belisi brand sprang from humble beginnings and the fashion forward designer learned a valuable lesson from the Florida elite he served. While bartending in Palm Beach, Peter Belisi served the trendsetters who embodied the luxury lifestyle he craved. Struggling to support his family with no savings, he needed a novel concept to start his own company. Emulating his high-end clientele, Belisi invested any extra money in a tie collection. Before long, co-workers and clients looked to him for inspiration. Belisi took pride in never wearing the same tie twice, and through his appreciation of fine ties, an idea took shape and the Belisi brand was born.

"The Belisi brand unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication," observes Peter Belisi. "Inside Belisi we cultivate a passion for exquisite materials and skilled craftsmanship. Each dramatic detail, represents our unwavering quest to fashion products of truly enduring value."

Peter Belisi will not forget his humble roots however. In creating his high-end accessories, he also wants to make sure he gives back to society.

"The Belisi Brand was founded to enhance luxury wardrobes, while making the world a little brighter for everyone," says Peter Belisi.

Belisi's guiding principle is to create luxury with meaning. Each time a customer purchases a Belisi product, they will not only put the finishing touch on a put-together look, but they will be fighting poverty, protecting the environment, seeking justice and funding medical research. Put simply, Belisi stands for good living: great style, quality accessories and giving back to the community.

For more visit:
Sharp by Design

Press contact:

Sheri Vance
Belisi Fashions
sheri @ belisi.com


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John Christiansen

Your blog is really good and there is need for as much fashion tips for men as possible. I am 16, and my two younger brothers and my dad have been working all summer on a really good website that supports your blog. It is called www.2tieatie.com. It gives step by step instructions on how to tie a necktie. It gives instructions for 15 tie knots. It also includes diagrams and video.

I think this could be useful to your readers.

Best of luck with your website.


I love this entry, I was thinking your products are for women only? Nice blog too with neat design and direct ideas.

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