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Words of Wisdom from Mom to Belisi

Sometimes it takes years of rebelling—trying to do things in your own way—before you come back around to Mom’s way of thinking. Maybe it was a simple little saying repeated over and over again (practice makes perfect, never go to bed angry), which seemed insignificant at the time.

My mom always told me “this too shall pass.”  Simple words but very true. In business, especially start-ups, there are peaks and valleys. It's critical to not be too full of yourself in the highs and too down on yourself in the lows. My mother taught me to be honest enough to admit that both your success and your failure depend largely on factors outside of your control. My mom encouraged me to ask myself  “what is the lesson in this success or failure?”

Starting a luxury accessories business like Belisi Fashions from the ground up brought many ups and downs. Working as a bartender in Palm Beach I watched my customers converge over power lunches and I sought to emulate their high-fashion sense by wearing expensive ties. Before long I gained notoriety for my extensive tie collection. The only challenge was that the ties I bought were eating up my clothing budget (and I had a wife and child at home). So I set out to create a strategy for designing a line of exceptional, yet affordable, ties to compete in the same space as higher-end ties from top designers like Hermes.

Throughout my journey I often harken back to my mother’s wise words. And with her working as office manager at Belisi Fashions, she’s never too far away to remind me—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is the best advice your mother, or mother figure, has given you? To celebrate this Mother's Day, share your story or anecdote with the Belisi communityPetermom_2 

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