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Belisi Veronica scarf featured on I'm Not Obsessed!

The hottest new trend in accessories, wearing silk scarves on handbags and wrists, is popping up on celebrities like Lauren Conrad. I'm Not Obsessed!, a celebrity fashion blog, was so kind to point us in the right direction for putting together a star-studded look like Lauren's, and the Belisi Veronica silk scarf was among those chosen. See for yourself at www.ImNotObsessed.com.




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Melissa Turner

Lauren Conrad looks so beautiful in the pic. I was reading that small write-up and was wondering where there was a scarf in the pic. Then I saw that maroonish cloth. Was it tied to the strap of the handbag? It is a good idea if it is. Mostly scarves are worn around the neck, or on the head, or even around the hips. However, this concept of tying the scarf around the handbag strap or the wrist or the watch or bangle is a real cool idea. It is seen that innovation makes the world go around. And these creative ways of wearing the Belisi scarf is a good idea. By the way, there are some real nice scarves listed on the Belisi Fashions site. Worth checking out.


Not sure how I feel about this trend. But I may have to try it out and see...

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