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Belisi Fashions celebrates the spirit of India with luxury silk ties and scarves at the 10th Annual Able Trust Gala

PALM BEACH, Florida -- The most powerful and influential Palm Beach residents, including Donald Trump, were out in full force at the Able Trust 10th Anniversary Gala "Reflections of India" on March 1, 2008 at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla.

As someone who believes that living the “good life” is about more than celebrating the best things in life, it’s about giving back to the community, it was only natural that Peter Belisi of Belisi Fashions (www.Belisi.com) was among the sponsors and attendees at this much-anticipated event.

Likewise, Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, was the perfect venue to host this extravagant evening. Guests were treated to a presentation of rich and vibrant Indian culture as the Mar-a-Lago was transformed into a floating Indian Palace.

As one of the sponsors, Belisi Fashions donated silk ties and scarves with a retail value of $14,000, and Peter and his wife Cari served on the volunteer committee to raise awareness and solicit donations for The Able Trust.

“I believe in The Able Trust’s work in the South Florida community,” said Peter Belisi. “At Belisi, we support many community organizations as part of our Luxury with Meaning program, and look forward to continuing our support of worth causes that create jobs and open doors for those less fortunate.”

Along with the Belisi silk tie and matching scarf departure gifts, other items given away included Bombay Sapphire gin samples, a CD donated by From Here to There, gift certificates to Season's 52/Darden Restaurants, a gift from Eco Shoppe and a copy of Vive magazine.

“The support of sponsors … exemplifies the spirit of giving that helps enhance the lives of people with disabilities,” said Susanne Homant, president and CEO of The Able Trust.

The Able Trust, also known as the Florida Governor’s Alliance, has awarded over $20 million to individuals with disabilities and nonprofit agencies throughout Florida for employment-related purposes, enabling over 2,000 Florida citizens with disabilities to enter the workforce each year. This year’s gala brought in in nearly $535,000 for Floridians with disabilities on March 1 in Palm Beach.

The Able Trust believes that when people with disabilities want to work, they should. The Trust supports individuals non-profit vocational rehabilitation programs throughout Florida with fund-raising, grant making and public awareness of disability issues.

Vocational rehabilitation is the focus of The Able Trust's programs and grants. For every dollar invested in vocational rehabilitation, thirteen to twenty-six dollars are infused into the economy. Making funds available to persons with disabilities helps not only them, but also local and state economies. The Trust receives its funding from a perpetual endowment, grants, gifts and support from the public and corporate sectors.

About The Able Trust

The Able Trust supports a diversity of projects, including on-the-job coaching, supported employment, job skills-training, job development, employer outreach, ADA facility compliance, skills evaluation and programs leading to employment. The positive impact of The Able Trust's grant awards has been felt by non-profit agencies serving people with various disabilities, community colleges and individuals with documented disabilities.

The Able Trust youth programs provide career development and transition to almost 2,000 students with disabilities annually, helping to reduce the dropout rate and prepare young adults for life beyond high school. Visit www.abletrust.org for more information.

About Belisi Fashions

The Belisi brand is Peter Belisi's creative fusion of vibrant Palm Beach colors with Italian-inspired design. Belisi embodies the spirit of true entrepreneurship with a passion for the best of everything, which is evident in the quality products produced. Each dramatic detail in a Belisi tie, pocket square and scarf represents Belisi’s unwavering commitment to creating fashion products that embody timeless sophistication and enduring beauty.

Editor’s Note:  Photography is available upon request.

Contact: Amy Covington
Belisi Fashions
[email protected]


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Is this available in Canada?

Stephanie Sanders

The Able Trust is truly a respect commanding organization and has been doing a look of good philanthropic work for a long time. Being an Indian, I am so happy that Belisi Fashions has been one of the sponsors for the ‘Reflections of India’ function. I wish I could have attended that event. I heard that both Peter Belisi and his wife Cari were active in getting things going. I visited the Belisi Fashions website and I see that the company has some ‘luxury with meaning’ concept. India has had a historic tradition of superior fabrics and being an ancient trader of aesthetic cloths, the country has always appreciated talent as far as weaving a spinning is concerned. Therefore, a clothing house sponsoring and India-centric event is always a good thing.

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