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Belisi Silk Scarves featured on SheKnows.com

Belisi silk scarves were recently featured on the SheKnows.com beauty blog. In the article about the popular trend of wearing silk scarves, SheKnows.com recommends the Belisi Paris Pink Ribbon Scarf.

Here's a excerpt from the article:

Wearing scarves as headbands was a trend made hugely popular by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and the trend is continuing through fall and into winter. Women of all ages love to wear scarves. They can be worn as a headband, ponytail holder or in clever ways that express individual style, like around the handles of a school bag or women's handbag.

View the full story on SheKnows.com.


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Christopher Campbell

I love scarves and that mention about Belisi Fashions on sheknows.com was very informative. Belisi has a bunch of good looking scarves displayed on their website. I quite liked that concept of wearing scarves as headbands. But, I think that crediting Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for that idea is completely wrong. I know people who have been wearing scarves for years as headbands. Also, there area couple of other ideas I would like to share with you. As far as square scarves are concerned wearing them as headscarves or neck scarves is a good idea. But for long scarves, they can even be used as shawls over the shoulders or as hip scarves wrapped around the waist. Wondering where I got this information? It was on the Belisi Fashions website.

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