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Belisi Featured in Pajama Mommy

There is a lot to be said about Belisi Purses. Not only are they sleek in design, but you can actually say they are designed with today’s woman in mind. Now how many of you are tired of having the same handbag everyone else has? Heck, the best part is how many of you are tired of saving your pennies to buy that expensive purse only to know that someone is wearing an exact replica knockoff for less than half the price…heck or..even worse they aren’t even spending their money on the bag they just rented it?

Pblhb408br_shot1_173 Now lets get onto the savings. First off you save 30% on your purchases of $100 or more. Now that is sounding fabulous right now. So your Annika Bucket Bag goes from $192 down to $134.40…wait it gets better. Now if you want to get that almost $200 bag for only $114.40 just mention Pajama Mommy when you preorder it and you will save the 30% and receive an additional $20 off your bag.


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Denisse Lubo

Mr. Peter Belisi

I was checking your collections o ties, because i am going to open store "Only Ties and Shirts", I want to know if i can used your name "Belisi" in my store , and if you have stile of decoration in yours stores,

Denisse E. Lubo Rodriguez
Aruba (South America) island
Cell (297) 594-0103

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