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Belisi Handbags featured on slightly north of worth Blog

My favorite is the Lexi Leather Satchel - Belisi_lexi_leather_satchel_2

slightly north of worth is all about the Palm Beach way of life, a rockstar lifestyle, but at bargain prices. I especially covet finding unique items at bargain prices. I hate to pay too much!

Handbags are one of my favorite things and being able to buy straight from th designer is especially attractive. There is the assurance of getting the "real" product and not some flea market knock off.

The Annika Bucket Bag - Belisi_annika_bucket_bag

My kind of find is the new line of Belisi designer handbags by Peter Belisi of Jupiter, Florida who has been called "the next Ralph Lauren" by Jupiter Magazine. This designer handbag line had to meet a criteria of being unique, clasic and of a premium quality while at a reasonable price.

MISSION accomplished..not only do the timeless and classic lines of the handbags exude "Palm Beach" but their custom made quality means they will be enjoyed for the next decade or more.


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