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Peter Belisi featured in PBG lifestyle magazine

Cavalli, Ferragamo and Versace are familiar names to most people. Now there's a new moniker to add to the Italian designer list - Belisi. Not yet as big as the megastars from his heritage, Peter Belisi, aspiring for greatness in his own good time, is well on his way to the pinnacle of high fashion.


Founded just five years ago, the company has been gathering momentum since it first opened its door. and now that he has just launched his own/first handbag designs, Belisi appears well on his way to turning heads in places like New York, Paris, and Milan. All of his ornate handbags are made from Belisi's scrumptious, Italian monogram leather in a Tuscan dark chocolate; the signature pattern contains a glowing pale blue Alabaster radiance. They are line with Belisi's monogram amber gold silk and decked out with bright, gold Belisi logo tags.

"Women always want handbags, no matter what the economy is like. They just can't afford to pay as much right now. With handbags, more than any other item, the quality and the label does matter" said the clean-cut, soft-spoken, young entrepreneur. "there's a huge difference between the cheap bags or knock-offs and good quality handbags. With other items it doesn't matter as much but with handbags and shoes, it's huge!"


After five years, Belisi handles about 800 products in his line, with at least 280 of them the exclusive Belisi designs - mostly silk ties and scarves and now handbag and several other items. They're all made in China, sold exclusively on Belisi.com and shipped out by four employees who are in charge of customer service and packing from the Jupiter headquarters.


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