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February 2009

Men's Health in Russia loves BELISI

 Logo  Компания Belisi довольно известна в мире моды - ведь галстуки и некоторые другие аксессуары ее производства раскупают сразу же при поступлении в бутики. Новая коллекция галстуков не является исключением - дизайнеры продумали все, чтобы сделать модели максимально универсальными. Галстук достаточно яркий, чтобы выгодно оттенять строгий классический костюм, и в то же время не настолько яркий, чтобы отвлекать внимание окружающих от лица владельца.


Company Belisi fairly well known in the fashion world - the ties and other accessories, some of its production, purchase right away when the boutiques. A new collection of ties is not an exception - the designers, all designed to make the most versatile model. Necktie bright enough to pick out profitable strictly classical costume, and at the same time, not so bright as to distract the attention of others on behalf of the owner.  BELISI rocks!

BELISI Featured on Girlfriend Gift Guide

SZ12352_lngscarf_shot2_525 A scarf can be worn as a headband, ponytail holder, or, hmm — as a scarf. This Pink Ribbon design accessorizes smartly and also lets her show support for breast cancer survivors. Scarves are versatile and interesting. Some are hip and some serve a cause. People should be more like scarves.

Ah, Annika. In Other Words – Belisi Is HAWT.

Are you a trendsetter?  On the forefront of the buzz in the fashion industry? Always one of the first to know what’s hot? If you are, then you already know who Belisi is and how hot the new Belisi designer handbags collection is.


If you somehow missed it, go look. It's ok, I'll wait.

Annika bucket bag 


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