Able Trust gala has glitz, goodwill for Florida's disabled

"To Russia with love" is the best way to describe the 11th annual celebration of The Able Trust Gala, "Royal Russia" on March 21 at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

The glamorous fete attracted such luminaries as Donald Trump, football great Bob Kuechenberg, Miss Florida USA 2009 - Anastagia Pierre and Miss Florida Teen USA 2009 Kayla Collier, along with more than 250 fabulously attired supporters. 


Tiffany Kenney, WPBF Channel 25 news anchor, was mistress of ceremonies and the auctioneer was Lane Conner of Park West Gallery. Peter Belisi of BELISI donated departure gifts of silk scarves and men's neckties.

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Belisi Participates in The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness Fashion Show

Belisi_logo2_3 (Los Angeles, CA) - The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness and Little in the Middle, a designer denim company, are hosting a series of fashion and music shows called re(Define) (Real)ity™, a movement with the goal of educating women of all sizes and backgrounds of the dangers of an unhealthy body image and promoting the message that "real beauty comes in all shapes and sizes." The fashion show will be held during Los Angeles Fashion Week on October 16th at 10 PM at the beautiful Hollywood nightclub, Boulevard3. Red Carpet arrivals will begin at 8 PM.

The mission of The Alliance is to raise awareness of the benefits of having a positive body image and advocating the awareness and prevention of eating disorders with the positive message "embrace and love yourself as you are."


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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Sports a Belisi Tie

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, of Dancing With The Stars, sports Bombay Rhythm Tie by BELISI. Maksim will be back on Dancing With The Stars for his fifth season. We can hardly wait! Also be sure to check out the fabulous new line of Belisi Handbags.


Belisi Fashions celebrates the spirit of India with luxury silk ties and scarves at the 10th Annual Able Trust Gala

PALM BEACH, Florida -- The most powerful and influential Palm Beach residents, including Donald Trump, were out in full force at the Able Trust 10th Anniversary Gala "Reflections of India" on March 1, 2008 at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla.

As someone who believes that living the “good life” is about more than celebrating the best things in life, it’s about giving back to the community, it was only natural that Peter Belisi of Belisi Fashions (www.Belisi.com) was among the sponsors and attendees at this much-anticipated event.

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Belisi Veronica scarf featured on I'm Not Obsessed!

The hottest new trend in accessories, wearing silk scarves on handbags and wrists, is popping up on celebrities like Lauren Conrad. I'm Not Obsessed!, a celebrity fashion blog, was so kind to point us in the right direction for putting together a star-studded look like Lauren's, and the Belisi Veronica silk scarf was among those chosen. See for yourself at www.ImNotObsessed.com.


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Beyonce brings class and curves to SI Cover

How did she pull it off? Beyonce Knowles posed for the cover of Sport Illustrated in November 06, yet no one leaked that she'd be the cover girl. The shoot was done in Miami (home of all the hottest Fashion Shoots:-). Beyonce said, "It was hard because I was so excited! You grow up seeing those issues and they're so amazing, it's crazy that I was able to be on the cover. It's amazing for me." It's extra special because Beyonce is only the 2nd African American to grace to cover of SI, the other being Tyra Banks.

-Peter Belisi

Belisi Fashions Jupiter, FL


J Lo - on fire

Check out this photo from the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year awards. Ricky Martin was the winner, but this photo with J Lo bracketed by Ludacris and hubby Marc Anthony was too hot to pass up. Most celebs couldn't get away with this little red dress, but J Lo comes out looking like a rose.

Smells like Diddy

Smells like Diddy, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

I have a lot of respect for Sean Combs. Is it a huge advantage to be a household name when launching a fashion house - sometimes. Many music celebs have reps that hurt their image with consumers in the fashion world. Sean John is an exception and not by accident.

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Lindsay and Kate - friends forever

This photo caught my eye for several reasons. 1. How cool would it be to open a store in Paris - ala Tommy. 2. There were a bunch of celebrities at this event, but Lindsay and Kate were the two biggest. 3. All the other photos at the event are near perfect - perfect smiles, perfect angles, etc. 4. They look so "thrilled' in this shot.

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Ming-Na at MYSPACE Event to help Darfur

Ming-na shows her support for the crisis in Darfur at an event hosted at a private residence in Beverly Hills. Many of you may remember Ming-na for her role as Dr. Deb Chen on E.R. A bit of trivia - Ming-na was the first Asian-American to play a regular role on a daytime soap. She was Lien Hughes on As The World Turns (Cari's favorite). She looks great in this classic red dress. Even more important, she's showing support for the MySpace Rock for Darfur initiative. Please take the time to read more about the Darfur and lend your support.

Clinton rocks for research

Clinton rocks for research, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Had to post about this event. The T.J. Martell Foundation began with a promise. In 1975, T.J. Martell asked his father, music industry executive Tony Martell, to raise a million dollars for the lifesaving leukemia research that made it possible for T.J. to reach his twenty-first birthday, two years beyond his original prognosis.

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John Legend so smooth at Royal Albert Hall

I love music for many reasons: it keeps me sane, creates a mood, distracts me, helps me focus, drives creativity, inspires joy, peace, memories.

John Legend's soul-filled style is perfect when I'm trying to focus on new ideas. Also great with Pinor Noir or even Port & Cheesecake. Random, I know, but my mind automatically pairs music & food.

Elizabeth Hurley Supports Breast Cancer Research

Most people can't pull off a leopard print, but Elizabeth Hurley's classic beauty makes this dress a winner. The cross necklace is a perfect compliment. Best part is she's making a difference for women on behalf of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Also on hand was the BCRF's founder, Evelyn H. Lauder, showcasing her new book In Great Taste. The book presents 100 delicious, healthy recipes full of ingredients that can help fight and prevent cancer. The event was held at Holt Renfrew on Sherbrooke St. in Montreal.

Emily Blunt - Stunning

Emily Blunt - Stunning, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Charity is at the core of Belisi. We love to give and let our customers help us. It's called Luxury with Meaning. Saw this picture of Emily Blunt and I had to post it. She's at The Devil Wears Prada Charity Gala Screening. Beauty, fashion and giving wrapped in one nice photo. Thing about this dress is - it's CLASSIC! Emily has the confidence to know she'll stand out without needing the 'scream' through her clothes. The cut emphasizes her strength and beauty. The shoes, bag and bracelet finish the look - nothing's missing from this picture. Ladies everywhere take note.