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Beyonce brings class and curves to SI Cover

How did she pull it off? Beyonce Knowles posed for the cover of Sport Illustrated in November 06, yet no one leaked that she'd be the cover girl. The shoot was done in Miami (home of all the hottest Fashion Shoots:-). Beyonce said, "It was hard because I was so excited! You grow up seeing those issues and they're so amazing, it's crazy that I was able to be on the cover. It's amazing for me." It's extra special because Beyonce is only the 2nd African American to grace to cover of SI, the other being Tyra Banks.

-Peter Belisi

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Gisele defines classic elegance

Gisele takes the high-road at the Victoria's Secret show with this stunning blue evening gown. Some might say, "sure she'd be beautiful in anything", but Gisele reaches new heights by reveling just enough. The lines on this dress compliment her perfectly with an evening bag and shoes adding the finishing touch. She's a picture of sophisticated, classic, beautiful.

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J Lo - on fire

Check out this photo from the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year awards. Ricky Martin was the winner, but this photo with J Lo bracketed by Ludacris and hubby Marc Anthony was too hot to pass up. Most celebs couldn't get away with this little red dress, but J Lo comes out looking like a rose.

Smells like Diddy

Smells like Diddy, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

I have a lot of respect for Sean Combs. Is it a huge advantage to be a household name when launching a fashion house - sometimes. Many music celebs have reps that hurt their image with consumers in the fashion world. Sean John is an exception and not by accident.

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Lindsay and Kate - friends forever

This photo caught my eye for several reasons. 1. How cool would it be to open a store in Paris - ala Tommy. 2. There were a bunch of celebrities at this event, but Lindsay and Kate were the two biggest. 3. All the other photos at the event are near perfect - perfect smiles, perfect angles, etc. 4. They look so "thrilled' in this shot.

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