Belisi Handbags featured on slightly north of worth Blog

My favorite is the Lexi Leather Satchel - Belisi_lexi_leather_satchel_2

slightly north of worth is all about the Palm Beach way of life, a rockstar lifestyle, but at bargain prices. I especially covet finding unique items at bargain prices. I hate to pay too much!

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Belisi Fashions: Camilla wrapped in Belisi

Camilla wrapped in Belisi, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Celebrity stylist David Fittin created this exciting look for Camilla - 2 Belisi Long Scarves are Camilla's top. As David shows, the scarf is an under-used fashion accessory. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Veronica Etro, womenswear designer for Italian luxury accessories brand Etro, says that scarves can be worn as belts and even blouses.

Belisi Fashions

Jupiter, FL

Prada Studded Flap Bag - review from Milan

Prada Studded Flap Bag, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Back in June, Cari & I were walking though the famous Prada store. This was her favorite. Beautiful hardware, durable strap and a sexy studded buckle flap. I'm usually not a big fan of the gathered body, but here it works. Yeah Prada! Buy it at Neimans.

Belisi Fashions design twenty-one red by Belisi

design 21 red, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

another Belisi creation on the way. exciting design starts with a line and finishes with details. we will continue to resist the forces that push for compromise. Belisi means beautiful.

Belisi Fashions

Belisi Fashions: design nineteen brown by Belisi

Design 19 brown, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Designing handbags is a joy. I believe the beauty is in the details. Getting our line from a concept to reality has been a long process. Today is a milestone because this bag is the first version that meets the standards I require for our customers. I view design as exploration combined with tenacity. You have to be creative in the beginning, looking at many different paths, but great design doesn't stop there. Once you start down a creative road, you need to be unwavering in advocating for only the best quality. Design on paper can be a work of art, but there are many more details that make the physical product luxurious. Without tenecity art on the paper will never become art as a product. Many voices tell you to compromise because it will be easier and cheaper. Belisi will only offer what's beautiful. We're betting that you notice.

Belisi Fashions

Jupiter, FL