Belisi Fashions Launches Belisi Radio

Belisi launches an online radio station. From today's hottest artists and music legends to progressive lounge and jazz, Belisi Radio is all about timeless classics.

Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 7, 2007 -- Belisi, the name synonymous with all things beautiful, has launched a new online radio station featuring today's hottest artists, music legends, progressive lounge tracks, jazz, and rock favorites.

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J Lo - on fire

Check out this photo from the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year awards. Ricky Martin was the winner, but this photo with J Lo bracketed by Ludacris and hubby Marc Anthony was too hot to pass up. Most celebs couldn't get away with this little red dress, but J Lo comes out looking like a rose.

Smells like Diddy

Smells like Diddy, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

I have a lot of respect for Sean Combs. Is it a huge advantage to be a household name when launching a fashion house - sometimes. Many music celebs have reps that hurt their image with consumers in the fashion world. Sean John is an exception and not by accident.

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Clinton rocks for research

Clinton rocks for research, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Had to post about this event. The T.J. Martell Foundation began with a promise. In 1975, T.J. Martell asked his father, music industry executive Tony Martell, to raise a million dollars for the lifesaving leukemia research that made it possible for T.J. to reach his twenty-first birthday, two years beyond his original prognosis.

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John Legend so smooth at Royal Albert Hall

I love music for many reasons: it keeps me sane, creates a mood, distracts me, helps me focus, drives creativity, inspires joy, peace, memories.

John Legend's soul-filled style is perfect when I'm trying to focus on new ideas. Also great with Pinor Noir or even Port & Cheesecake. Random, I know, but my mind automatically pairs music & food.