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Belisi Fashions Launches New Online Destination

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PALM BEACH, FLORIDA– (April 26, 2007) – Fashion, it’s not just a New York game anymore. South Florida has become a top contender of those “in the know.”  Palm Beach-based Belisi Fashions, a driving force behind this new fashion movement, combines luxury, innovative style and distinctive creations, setting it a part from the rest of the fashion industry.  Fashion-forward designer Peter Belisi of Belisi Fashions is unveiling his new and improved online destination, which is more than a shopping website—it’s a community where discriminating consumers can find valuable fashion advice, keep up with trends and so much more.

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Belisi Fashions Announces Launch of Men's Fashion Blog

Belisi Announces Launch of Men's Fashion Blog

(PRWeb) February 13, 2007 -- Belisi, makers of finishing pieces for wardrobes and a name synonymous with luxury, announces the launch of a men's fashion blog: Sharp by Design. Belisi has earned a loyal following for its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags.

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Belisi Fashions - How to tie a tie - four in hand knot

The Four in Hand Knot makes for a narrow, practical and slightly asymmetrical tie knot. It is very well suited for dress shirts with buttons that pull the collar down tightly around the knot. The larger knots simply won't work with these types of shirts. The four in hand knot is also great if you're in a hurry.

Belisi Fashions

Jupiter, FL

Belisi Fashions - How to tie a tie - Half Windsor Knot

Another "tie question" I get asked all the time is how to tie a tie, especially how to tie the famous Half-Windsor Knot. Well, here's a handy little chart. Tying a tie using this method will produce an extra thick, full knot. One of the benefits of Belisi Neckties is that you don't have to use a Half-Windsor to get a full knot. If you like the Half-Windsor knot, I recommend buying an extra-long tie if you are close to 6 feet tall. Your tie must come to the belt buckle to get a well-finished look.

Belisi Fashions

Jupiter, FL

The Origin of the Necktie by Belisi Fashions

Peter Belisi, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

I get asked all the time where neckties come from.

Well, here's the answer (drumroll, please:)
The origin of the necktie dates back to Croatian soldiers who came to Paris in 1635 to help King Louis XIII.

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