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Antik Denim

Antik Denim, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Get the hottest look in men's denim with Antik – modern vintage premium denim collection for men, women and children. Celebrity fan base includes ince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Viggo Mortensen. Get yours at www.antikdenim.com.


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  1. Stephanie on Apr 19, 2007 11:38:23 AM:


    I am a student here in London and I read this site all the time. Therefore I believe it is my duty to tell you about something that has now changed my life. (Well I am exaggerating a bit)

    I have the biggest trouble finding jeans that fit. I usually stick to my one brand, Citizens, and try on their entire collection until at least one looks good enough for purchase. When I have a bit more patience on the other hand, and am feeling adventurous I try on several different brands. On average I try on 30 jeans a designated shopping day. I come home however, having purchased one pair out of the 30 or absolutely nothing at all. At the end of the day I am left tired and hating my body due to the fact nothing fits.

    ANYWAY, while I was here in London a friend of mine told me about Bodymetrics which makes bespoke (don’t know what this means) jeans. This company took a scan of my body and extra measurements to ensure the jeans fitting perfection. The process took seconds. I than had the opportunity to customize my jeans: everything from the style (drainpipe, bootleg, etc), to the color, wash, and even the rivets (crystal, sapphire, or normal). I even got to choose from three company logo’s (or none) that will go on the back of the jeans. I was amazed.

    I was so excited, I just wanted it to magically appear so that I can wear them out - even if it just to the movies. Thus, the downfall is the 6 week waiting period between you coming in, processing, production, and delivery. Though, at the end of the day the six weeks were well worth the wait. Rather than trying on a gazillion pairs, I now have the PERFECT pair of jeans that fit every little curve and crevice of my body. It looks like I actually have a bum now, and the fat in between my legs looks dismal. As I am extremely petite and do not have the legs Naomi Cambell or Elle Macpherson sport, the length of the jeans – for the first time in my life – do not need a million inches taken off the bottom by the tailor. It was well worth the wait, and worth every penny!

    Thought it was my duty to let the world know. I am not quite sure if this is a big company or not…but it is absolutely perfect for every shape and size specifically because every pair is specifically made for every individual person. I believe they have their own bespoke denim line as well as a partnership with Sefrontaine jeans.


    I think the website it www.bodymetrics.com, or it could be a '.net', or a '.co.uk'. One of these!

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