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Who needs another necktie? Belisi says maybe Dad

Okay, so Father’s Day is right around the corner. Wondering what to get Dad? Neckties get a lot of flack for being the “stand-by” gift for guys. Sure, when you’re talking about discount store ties purchased at the last minute, it’s understandable that ties get a bad rap.

But the truth is, ties are still a current and useful (even romantic) gift. Aside from being easy to purchase, ties are a popular gift to give and receive because they pull together an ensemble like no other accessory. A tie can be the centerpiece of an entire outfit (with the right tie of course). When a father wears a tie given to him by his children or wife, he carries a piece of his loved ones with them
wherever his career takes him.

Manwomanmatchingscarves_2Belisi ties are made with more silk per inch than the average tie, which creates a fuller necktie knot, the hallmark of true luxury silk neckties. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to select a thoughtful gift that any father would appreciate.

Pocket squares, which are making a big comeback, also make excellent Father's Day gifts. Belisi pocket squares are oversized, made with a lavish thick silk and hand-rolled on the border. So if you want to give a unique gift the special guy in your life will cherish, a pocket square fits the bill.

Paiselytie Another reason ties are still a fresh gift idea is that men can wear ties that accessorize with their partner’s silk scarf, which she can wear tied around her neck or draped around her shoulders as a shawl, tied on her wrist, worn as a belt or handbag accessory or in her hair (a very hot trend right now). Silk scarves make wonderful gifts for mothers, as they are timeless and never go out of style.

Modeltyingmanstie Ties are still a great gift for Dad


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