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Belisi Playlist: Music for Mad Men

Section_hdr_madmen This week's music list comes from Mad Men (AMC's new show). What do you think of the show? Wish you could still pinch girl's behinds and call them sweetheart and not get slapped with a lawsuit? Or do you like sharing the power with female counterparts?

Either way, this playlist is pretty good.

::A.Covington for Belisi Fashions

Men's Fashion Look of the Week

The Collegiate

_5488701 The Blazer

Juicy Couture 'Toddon' Slim Fit Dobby Blazer $325

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Belisi Between the Lines

The stories you may have missed we thought you'd like to read:

Are you satisfying your wife sexually?

Octsexualpeak There are lots of jokes about the sex stopping after you say “I do” but is it really the wife claiming she has a headache or is it you? Or maybe you just pass out in front of the TV and never make it to bed. Or maybe you’ve had a long day at the office, or maybe you just don’t feel like it. You think, we do it enough, she’s happy. But could you be wrong? Truth is, guys, many women in their 30s are in their prime. Are you giving them the sex they want? Details Magazine takes the conversation there.

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The Skin You're In

Still shaving with that $2 shaving cream? How's that working out for you? Razor burn and ingrown hairs can be a thing of the past. The Refinery has a slew of shaving products just for guys that do more for you that improve your skin--they make it more appealing to kiss.

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Cool Gadget: SlimBlade Presenter Mouse, Wireless Mouse and Presenter in One

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Mouse, Wireless Mouse and Presenter in One

So most of us have to work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look cool while presenting your awesome third quarter budget. Whip out the super slick SlimBlade and your office buddies will turn green with envy (and then buy one online as you launch into your schpeil about expense report tracking), and the ladies will think you are The Man.

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Belisi Playlist: Music to set the mood

21atumqsuwl This week's music picks come from StraightRazr.com. This mood-setting list includes Van Morrison, Willie Nelson and The Subdudes.

215ae0tbhdlWhat are your favorite tunes to set the mood?

The Belisi Hot List

Today's roundup of stories to help you live life to the fullest:

Luxeforless Five Habits of Millionaires -- think spending means you're rich? Think again.

How to pair fall trends with clothes you already own

How to dress for a job interview. Dreadlocks? Mohawk? Find out how to address non-conventional personal styles.

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Men's Fashion Look of the Week: Urban Edge

Urban Edge

The key to the Urban Edge look is to avoid the grunge look. Edges can be rough, but not too rough. The Urban Edge guy isn’t afraid to dress it up sometimes, but always with a little bad boy mystery.

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Belisi Style Meter: Jackets and Coats

Fall is upon us, how do you measure up in terms of your cool weather wardrobe? We’ve rounded up some of the hottest styles in men’s coats and jackets for every personality.

Joseph Abboud Jeans Leather Bomber Jacket

Nat Nast Distressed Suede Shirt Jacket

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Belisi Between the Lines

Here are the little stories that missed your daily paper. Answers to those vexing questions we know are on your mind.

The skinny jean dilemma ... solved

You’ve been hearing for a few seasons now that skinny jeans are in for guys too. Now it’s time to really believe it. Men.Style.com’s men’s fashion editor shows us how to wear skinny jeans.

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Look of the Week: Urban Prep

Check back each week for a completely put-together look. No need to wonder what to wear, we've figured it out for you!

Urban Prep

Whiteshirt_3The Shirt

Classic yet modern, the crisp white dress shirt works under a blazer with slacks or jeans, and with any suit.

Ted Baker sateen 'Herring' French cuff dress shirt

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