Travel for Single Men: Where young executives go to party and live it up

You’re young, single and rising up the corporate ladder. You want to see the world but your travel partners are your college buddies or maybe other male executives. Traveling as a couple is markedly different than with your single guy friends. With a significant other you might stay at a spa hotel or bed & breakfast. Your activities consist of joint massages and romantic dinners.

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Hugh Jackman pulls off this season's hot scarf and blazer look

Actor Hugh Jackman makes the grade with this season's hottest fashion trends for men: the blazer and scarf. A simple slip knot makes this cashmere striped scarf a stylish, yet warm, accessory--a perfect choice for this blazer and sweater combo.

Karmen & Alden

Karmen & Alden, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Not sure what to wear? Karmen & Alden will hook you up with a hip, urban look. They specialize in men's and women's vintage inspired styles. Using tapestry fabrics intermixed with denim, Karmel & Alden has created a unique identity for itself within the premium denim genre. In a myriad of fits, fabrics and high tech washes – Karmel & Alden offers everything from dark indigo rinse denims to heavily washed-down distressed garments that have a true vintage feel. Made in the USA, with unparalleled attention to sewing details and impeccable product quality. Celebrity clientele includes Val Kilmer, Aaaron Carter, Salma Hayek and many more.

Antik Denim

Antik Denim, originally uploaded by peterbelisi.

Get the hottest look in men's denim with Antik – modern vintage premium denim collection for men, women and children. Celebrity fan base includes ince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Viggo Mortensen. Get yours at

Borat & Timberlake Looking GQ

Check out Justin Timberlake - winner of GQ's International Man of the Year Award. A tan suit with a vest for a touch of classic elegance. Borat's showing his own sense of style and proves once again that a sense of humor and a big thumb will get you places.