What to wear to a meeting

_e5h9877 After college you thought all you had to do was get a suit. End of story. That may have done the trick for your first entry level job but now the stakes are higher. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you have to dress the part.

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Travel for Single Men: Where young executives go to party and live it up

You’re young, single and rising up the corporate ladder. You want to see the world but your travel partners are your college buddies or maybe other male executives. Traveling as a couple is markedly different than with your single guy friends. With a significant other you might stay at a spa hotel or bed & breakfast. Your activities consist of joint massages and romantic dinners.

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Holiday Dressing for Men

It’s just about time for those holiday invitations to start rolling in. Make these holiday staples a part of your static wardrobe.

When the invitation reads …

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Belisi: How to play Matchmaker

Research done by Engage.com shows that half of all marriages are the result of someone introducing the couple. Maybe you have a buddy or a girlfriend who is perpetually single—they just can’t find the “one”. You feel guilty excluding them from couples-only affairs and just as guilty when you do invite them and they clearly feel like they’re the odd one out. Or, maybe you have a friend who gladly crashes your date nights with your significant other and you have an inkling they’d be a lot happier with an SO of his own.

Great introductions are generally a result of a matchmaker’s (i.e., that’s you) instincts about a potential love match. Want to watch sparks fly? Do your single pals a favor and throw a party in their honor. Instead of setting up uncomfortable “blind” dates, bring together possible love matches for a no-strings cocktail party. Follow these tips from Chief Matchmaker for Engage.com Trish McDermott for a better success rate.

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