The New Hummer: Youthful Design, as it should be

The New Hummer HX Concept

Aaaconcept_sketch_kang_3 While some of us languished after graduating from college—caught in the Catch 22 of needing experience to get a job and needing a job to get experience. But three engineering superstars -- David Rojas, Min Young Kang and Robert Jablonski -- managed to earn the trust of carmaker HUMMER to design the next generation of Hummers, the HX.

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How to Get a Luxury Car for Less

Spend it Wisely: Why Leasing a Luxury Car is a Wise “Investment”

Driving a luxury vehicle has always been a status symbol. But maybe you haven’t quite reached the pinnacle of success—yet. Or, maybe you don’t want to drop $80k on a car at this stage in your life. You can still drive a status car without breaking the bank.

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The Best Luxury Cars

JustLuxe has released its current list of the best 11 luxury vehicles for 2007. The list is ever-changing and growing as new entrants debut ... so sit tight for its 2008 picks. For the 2007 models, the qualifying criteria include elite status, extraordinary features, functionality, or powerful engines. So whether you're looking for family car or a car that can handle turns and make you look cool, you'll find a luxury car on this list to suit your "needs". And with 2008 models hitting showrooms, you may even be able to snag a deal on the 2007s.

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The Belisi Hot List

Today's roundup of stories to help you live life to the fullest:

Luxeforless Five Habits of Millionaires -- think spending means you're rich? Think again.

How to pair fall trends with clothes you already own

How to dress for a job interview. Dreadlocks? Mohawk? Find out how to address non-conventional personal styles.

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