Shop the Winter Sales! Discounted Men’s Jackets, Sweaters and more

Now’s the time to take advantage of the winter sales. It’s still cold as heck outside, so you’ll get lots of use out of winter wear. Plus, lightweight jackets and sweaters will get you through the remainder of winter and serve you well in the unpredictable Spring days ahead.

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Men’s Spring Fashion Trends

Belisi Look of the Week

That 70s Guy

While leisure suits are thankfully still only appropriate for 70s theme parties and Halloween, suits and fashions are decidedly more 70s inspired for Spring ‘08, especially for younger suit wearers. One notable difference is that you won’t see bell bottoms with these slimming suits. For an urban, edgy look that says you’re hip and fashionable, try these styles on for size:

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Eire-ttitude: Look of the Week

First things first. Eire is short for Eireann, which means Ireland (as in 'Éirinn go breá).

If you’re not used to saying words like trousers, tweed or herringbone, you’d better brush up on your early 20th century vocabulary. There are many looks popular this fall and winter but one of the most distinct is the early 20th century style inspired by our fair Irish friends. We’re not suggesting that you suit up in knickers but you might consider picking up a few plaid, tweed, wool and herringbone pieces to add to your wardrobe.

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Men's Fashion Look of the Week

The Collegiate

_5488701 The Blazer

Juicy Couture 'Toddon' Slim Fit Dobby Blazer $325

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Men's Fashion Look of the Week: Urban Edge

Urban Edge

The key to the Urban Edge look is to avoid the grunge look. Edges can be rough, but not too rough. The Urban Edge guy isn’t afraid to dress it up sometimes, but always with a little bad boy mystery.

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Look of the Week: Urban Prep

Check back each week for a completely put-together look. No need to wonder what to wear, we've figured it out for you!

Urban Prep

Whiteshirt_3The Shirt

Classic yet modern, the crisp white dress shirt works under a blazer with slacks or jeans, and with any suit.

Ted Baker sateen 'Herring' French cuff dress shirt

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Fall Springs Ahead: Men’s fashion heads in a new direction - Belisi's guide to the fall

007, ethnic print, futuristic military, bold colors, retro, geometric shapes, metallics. Previews of men’s fall fashion covered the gamut, from sleek and polished to reworked traditional and preppy to vampy and 70-80s inspired. While the direction seems scattered, one trend is consistent: men’s fashion is taking a decidedly retroactive/futuristic and more feminine direction, with sleeker, narrow lines, geometric patterns and bold colors and prints.

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How to Date Out of Your League (or Just Look Fabulous for Any Occasion) by Belisi

Style Cues from April Masini, author of “Date Out Of Your League”

Before we look at some fundamentals of every well dressed man's wardrobe, let's talk about why clothes are so gosh darn important to us women. Let's get into women's philosophy of clothes.

Just kidding! You don't have to worry in the least about why we like clothes. Nope. All you have to know is that we do.

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Hugh Jackman pulls off this season's hot scarf and blazer look

Actor Hugh Jackman makes the grade with this season's hottest fashion trends for men: the blazer and scarf. A simple slip knot makes this cashmere striped scarf a stylish, yet warm, accessory--a perfect choice for this blazer and sweater combo.

Belisi Fashions: Blazers Front and Center

This season's must-have item is the Versatile Blazer

If your notion of a blazer involves elbow patches or rolled up sleeves with pastel shirts, it's time to revisit today's version of the blazer. And you thought the only place for blazers is the boardroom or country club, think again. The Blazer is one of this season's hottest wardrobe items and with so many ways to wear it, it makes sense to have at least one in your closet.

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Belisi Fashions: Dressing to Impress

It’s not just one leg after another

Does it really come as a surprise that the more we know the more difficult things become? We create products to simplify our lives but in doing so make our lives more complicated—take cell phones and e-mail for example. It’s great when you can check movie times or game stats while waiting in line at the bank but when all you want to do is sip a Pina Colada on a sandy beach, that email notification emanating from your Treo can get pretty darn old.

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